Joseph Marryat senior

1757 - 1824

Claimant or beneficiary


London merchant and politician.

  1. MP for Horsham (1808-1812) and Sandwich (1812-1824) and author of Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade (4th edn., London, 1816) - an argument claiming, among other things, that slavery would die a natural death.

    Joseph's wife, Charlotte (d. 1854), was the daughter of Frederick Geyer of Boston, Massachusetts, and was of German origin. She was one of the first women to be admitted a fellow of the Horticultural Society of London, Charlotte Marryat had a notable garden at Wimbledon House.

    Their children included Joseph (1790-1876), Frederick (1792-1848) and Charles (1803-1884).

    Marryat was an important figure in the West Indians defence of slavery in both Parliament and through the West India Committee.

    He was also Agent for Trinidad 1805-15, Grenada 1815-1824; and was chairman of Lloyd’s 1811-1824.

  2. Member of the West India Committee and the 'Committee of April 25, 1823' formed to press the government for ameliorationist measures for the Crown colonies and to resist moves towards emancipation.


  1. See entries for Marryat in the History of Parliament online: Entry for 1790-1820 and Entry for 1820-1832

  2. Alexandra Franklin, Enterprise and advantage: The West India interest in Britain, 1774-1840 (University of Pennsylvania, Unpub. PhD, 1992), p. 214 citing West India Committee Minute Books, 25 April 1823.

Further Information

Charlotte Geyer
9 sons (3 d.v.p.) 6 daughters (3 d.v.p.)

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£2,810 13S 3D
Beneficiary unsuccessful

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1817 - 1824 → Owner
1826 - 1829 → Previous owner
1820 - 1824 → Owner
1817 - → Assignee
1817 - → Assignee

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Historical (2)

Thoughts on the Abolition of the Slave Trade, and civilization of Africa, with remarks on the African Institution and an examination of the report of their Committee,... 1816 
A reply to the arguments contained in various publications recommending an equalization of the duties on East and West Indian... 1823 

Political (1)

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Horsham Sussex (West)
1808 - 1812
election →
Sandwich Kent
1812 - 1824

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Father → Son