William Balfour of Edinburgh and Jamaica

???? - 20th Dec 1820


Planter 'of Edinburgh and Jamaica', died in Jamaica in 1820. The Sarah Clutterbuck née Balfour (q.v.) who was awarded slave compensation was probably this man's sister, though conceivably she was his daughter. Another William Balfour of Martha Brae (q.v.), who died c. 1804, was probably their father.

  1. Lewis Clutterbuck (1794-1861) married Sarah Balfour, '2nd daughter of William Balfour, of Martha Brae', Jamaica, at St Michael’s, Bristol, 16/12/1819.

  2. ‘[Death] Dec. 20 [1820] At Montego Bay, Jamaica, of a fever, after a few days’ illness, William Balfour, Esq., of Retirement, Clifton, and Martha Brae.’ Balfour would have had links to Edinburgh as notice of his death was published in Blackwood's Magazine and the Edinburgh Advertiser.


T71/873 St James claim nos. 439 and 440.

  1. Ancestry.com Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 [database online].

  2. Blackwood’s Magazine, Vol. 9, p. 363, June 1821. The notice was repeated in the Edinburgh Advertiser 04/05/1821.

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£203 2S 5D
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1815 - 1820 → Receiver

Shown variously as receiver or as simply registering

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Brother → Sister
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Sarah Clutterbuck is known to have been the daughter of 'William Balfour of Martha Brae', and the William Balfour who died in 1820 is more likely to have been her brother than her father....
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An inferred...

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Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland
Montego Bay, Jamaica