Edward Gray

???? - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


London merchant, partner in Gray, Whitworth (q.v.), awarded part of the compensation for the enslaved people on Seaman's Valley in Portland Jamaica.

  1. Will of Edward Gray of Harringay House near Hornsey proved 31/10/1838. Edward Gray's property, including Whitworth & Gilbee's premises, was auctioned off by direction of the trustees and pursuant to the will of Edward Gray Esq.

  2. Edward Gray built Harringay House in 1792 and built up a collection of pictures there: he also appeared in J.C. Loudon's Encyclopaedia of Gardening (1824).


T71/868 Portland no. 44. Registered 1832 by James Johnson 'atty for Edward Gray Esq of London' T71/157 p.121.

  1. PROB 11/1901; Times 17/11/1838 p. 8.

  2. Gray's whole collection was bought by William Buchanan for £15,000.

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Associated Claims (1)

£4,624 4S 9D

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Name partner
Gray Whitworth & Gilbee
West India merchant  

Physical (1)

Country house
Harringay House [Built] 

Addresses (1)

London, Middlesex, London, England