Owsley Rowley

1781 - 5th Dec 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


Probably the Owsley Rowley, Colonial Secretary of Grenada, who died in 1854. The connection if any to the Huntingdonshire family of the same name (an Owsley Rowley, former Mayor of Huntingdon, died c. 1824) has not been established.

Memorial inscription in St George's Church, Grenada, gives his death as 05/12/1854 in his 73rd year, and his wife as Christian, daughter of Isaac Horsford Esquire, her death September 1853 aged 76.


Times 1/1/1855 p. 8 'The Grenada papers announce the death of Owsley Rowley, Colonial Secretary of the island.' Owsley Rowley (1754-1824) lived at Priory Hill, Huntingdonshire [Burke's Peerage 107th ed. Vol 1 p. 953], Mayor of Huntingdon 1803, 1809.

Vere Langford Oliver, More Monumental Inscriptions: Tombstones of the British West Indies (Rockville, Maryland, 1993) p. 203.

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£75 13S 8D
£459 5S 4D
£3,515 18S 1D
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£1,830 3S 10D
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£288 19S 7D
£4,680 8S 7D
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£3,378 5S 11D
Unsuccessful claimant (Owner-in-fee)
£4,037 1S 11D
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£64 0S 1D