Henry Ashton

???? - 28th May 1842

Claimant or beneficiary


Liverpool merchant in Henry and Ralph Ashton (q.v.). Henry Ashton was also trustee under Ralph Ashton's will.


  1.  Ralph Ashton was a resident of Dominica in the 1820s.


  1. '[Death] At his residence Woodside Cheshire near Liverpool England on the 28th May last [1842] after an illness of five months, Henry Ashton Esq., many years an eminent merchant in the Island of Dominica.'


T71/881 Dominica claim nos. 224 (Trafalgar), 448 (Everton) and 820.


  1. See e.g 'An appeal and a caution to the British Nation with proposals for the immediate or gradual Emancipation of the slaves: indemnity must precede Emancipation' by a Member of the Dominica legislature (London, printed for John Richardson 1824) p. 74, dealing with formation of a Dominica Auxiliary Church Missionary Society Feb. 1823.


  1. Sydney Morning Herald, 19/12/1842 p. 2 at http://newspapers.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/12427146?searchTerm= [accessed 11/10/2010].


Further Information


Associated Claims (3)

£597 12S 10D
Awardee (Trustee)
£1,230 13S 5D
£21 1S 5D

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Name partner
Henry and Ralph Ashton
West India merchant  

Addresses (1)

Woodside, Cheshire