Joseph Delpratt

???? - 1836


Ceded the right to claim compensation for Lloyd and Mt Sinai estates in St David Jamaica to Robert Taylor: the compensation was paid to William Burnett and Catherine Forbes as mortgagees. Probably the Joseph Delpratt who died c.1836, but conceivably the Joseph Delpratt born c. 1808 'only surviving son of the late Samuel Delpratt of Jamaica' who married Sarah Elinor Boldero-Barnard in 1832 and who died c. 1882.

  1. Will of Joseph Delpratt of Kingston Surrey [Jamaica] proved 15/12/1836. Under the will he transmitted £10,000 he had been left by his brother William Delpratt to the children of his cousins Edward and Samuel Delpratt (the latter deceased).

  2. A provisional genealogy pieced together from fragments suggests: Generation IA Samuel (d. 1784) and IB. William (married 1750). Generation IIA Sons of Samuel = Edward (1773-1842; in fact d. 1838) and Samuel who married Agnes 1774-1850 and d. c. 1821); IIB Sons of William = William (d. 1826) and Joseph (1758-1836); Generation IIIA Son of Samuel = Joseph 1808-1884 (born Bath) and possibly IIIAA Son of Edward = Samuel (b. C. 1829).


T71/866 St David claim nos. 101 & 115 (Lloyds).

Burke A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry (1855) p. 48, 'Barnard of Cave Castle'.

Mt Sinai is shown against Delpratt, E & S in the Jamaica Almanac (1812); Mt Sinai and Lloyds are shown against Delpratt, Samuel and Joseph in the Jamaica Almanac (1820) and against Delpratt, S. deceased and Joseph in the Jamaica Almanac (1823), implying Samuel died sometime between 1820 and 1823.

  1. PROB 11/1870.

  2. A genealogy of the Delpratts is reportedly in Miscellanea Genealogica and Heraldica 2nd series Vol.III (1890) pp. 344-46.

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Associated Claims (3)

£4,340 16S 0D
Beneficiary unsuccessful
£3,215 18S 7D
Other association
£3,653 7S 3D
Other association

Associated Estates (2)

1826 - 1832 → Executor
1817 - 1826 → Administrator

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Nephew → Uncle
Brother-in-law → Sister-in-law
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