W., R. & S. Mitchell

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Firm Evolutions (5)

1800 →
William Mitchell sugarfactor 29 Lime Street [P.O.]
1811 →
Wm & Rowland Mitchell 46 Lime Street [P.O.]
1820 →
46 Lime Street [P.O.]
1834 →
46 Lime Street [Pigott 1832-1834]
1840 →
46 Lime Street [P.O.]


  1. Distress of the firm reported Sept. 1841: 'a very old and highly respectable [West Indian-house'], 'it is thought they are indebted to a very large degree, though not to the commercial world'. 'One of the firm [Rowland Mitchell] is a Director of the Bank of England'.

  2. Fiat of bankruptcy against Rowland Mitchell in effect by 1842: the Commissioners of Bankruptcy were to meet to consider the claim of a debt by E.G.C. Howard and J.H. Mitchell, trustees of the marriage settlement of Captain and Mrs Pelham.


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