George Atkinson 1795-1849

Partnership Role

Atkinson, Hozier & Co.
Name partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

This firm was successor to a company (the name of which is currently unknown) which with the 6th Earl of Balcarres contracted slave-labour for the Army and the civil government in Jamaica.  Atkinson, Hozier was dissolved in 1844, but Atkinson, MacGregor continued, with George Atkinson retiring 31/12/1846, and Charles MacGregor and Richard Atkinson continuing.

Firm Sources

For the slave contracting, see the claims database.  For the firm's dissolution, see London Gazette 20343 14 May 1844 p. 1648; for George Atkinson's retirement see London Gazette 20702 12 February 1847 p. 592 [p.30 of 56], where the three partners sign 7/1/1847.