Colin Campbell

Partnership Role

John Campbell sen.
Senior partner

West India merchant

No notes

Firm Notes

  1. The co-partnery of John Campbell Senior & Company merchants in Glasgow, of which the subscribers are the sole partners, is dissolved by mutual consent 30/4/1858: Thomas Campbell; James Campbell; Mungo Campbell; Mungo Campbell jun.; Colin Campbell jun.

  2. 'They [the Campbells of John Campbell sen. & Co.] are not one of our old families: they were here just three generations, coming with the West India trade, and, when it went, vanishing.'

Firm Sources

  1. Edinburgh Gazette 6802 4/5/1858 p. 861

  2.  John Guthrie Smith and John Oswald Mitchell 'Old country houses of the old Glasgow gentry' LXXXIII Possil. []