British Guiana 631 (Plantn Profit)

13th Mar 1837 | 145 Enslaved | £7700 13S 2D

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Parliamentary Papers p. 318.

T71/885: claim by the executors of J.B. Sandiford. Counterclaim from William  Ellis (a cottonspinner of Castlefield, Yorkshire - T71/1256), R. Ramsden ('of Gomersall') and Adam Hodgson, as devisees and executors of Lister Ellis (deceased).

T71/1610: letter, dated 14/09/1837, from James Hutton, the surviving executor of J. B. Sandiford, showing a slight difference arising between the executors and mortgagees who got the award. When was the payment made? Shows the award as £20300.

T71/430 p. 564: enslaved persons were registered in 1832 by Jas. Dannett, as executor of the late J. B. Sandiford.

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British Guiana
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Plantn Profit

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Awardee (Executor or executrix)
Awardee (Executor or executrix)

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