Jamaica St John 64A (Worthy Park)

28th Mar 1836 | 464 Enslaved | £3579 3S 2D

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Parliamentary Papers p. 286: shows only an award of £3579 3s 2d (claim no. 64A).

T71/854: claim by Sir Rose Price. Earl Talbot, Lord Sherborne and John Talbot counterclaimed as devisees and executors (not clear under whose will). Second tranche of money, of £5860 9s 11d, was paid to the same claimants on 26/02/1838. A note states: 'stand over as to the evidence for compromise'.

Times 04/07/1835 p. 8: auction of Sir Rose Price's estate by noblemen who are his executors and trustees.

For some further details of the Worthy Park estate, see the biographical notes on Sir Rose Price.

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St John
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Worthy Park

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