Jamaica St Elizabeth 371 (Bagdale Estate and Fullerswood Pen)

15th May 1837 | 256 Enslaved | £4673 9S 7D

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Parliamentary Papers p. 302.

Shown as St Elizabeth claim nos. 371 and 731 combined. £2911 8s 6d for 157 enslaved persons went to the two Braikenridges and Honnyill; £1762 1s 1d for 89 enslaved persons went to John Griffith. St Elizabeth claim no. 731 shows simply 89 enslaved persons and 'vide 371'.

T71/870: claim under St Elizabeth claim no. 371 by James Daly, 'for Brackenridge & Co. mortgagees'. Counterclaim from John Griffith, as trustee of William Rowe (an infant), an annuitant and legatee. Letter, dated 12/05/1837, from G. Barnett (partner of Mr Lynch), 6 Adelphi Chambers, stating that G. Barnett has reviewed the papers of Mr Lynch, including signed accounts of Messrs Braikenridges and Honnyill, which show interest paid at 6% per annum from 1805 to 1835 inclusive, amounting to £10,800, 'a sum more than ample to have satisfied the prior claims in their hands, in as much as their present claim is for only £12,000 and upwards'. Wm. Rowe's annuity is also charged on the crops which, as mortgagees in possession, 'they are not by law entitled.'

T71/177 p. 293: James Daly registered 153 enslaved persons on Bagsdale estate, as attorney to G.W. Braikinridge, R. Honnywill and J. Braikinridge. James Daly also registered 4 enslaved persons on Fullerswood estate. Indexed to Jas. Rowe et. al., as mortgagees by attorney.

Jamaica Almanac (1828): Bagdale and Fullerswood estate registered to James Rowe (deceased).

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St Elizabeth
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Bagdale Estate and Fullerswood Pen

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