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Past Events

Friday 24 February 2012, 2-3pm
WTO Scholars' Forum: New Directions in the Discourse on WTO Law Lecture Series
Development in the WTO
Sonia E Rolland, Northeastern University School of Law
Wednesday 9 November 2011
WTO Scholars' Forum
Approaching the Development of WTO Law in Light of Transnational Influences: The Merits of a Causal Explanation
Greg Messenger DPhil candidate, University of Oxford

Wednesday 12 October 2011
WTO Scholars' Forum
Consumer Preferences in WTO Disputes: Emerging environmental regulations prompt a new look at some old problems
Emily Lydgate, PhD Candidate, King's College London

Wednesday 29 June 2011
UCL WTO Scholars' Forum
Tobacco or Trademarks? Australia's Plain Packaging of Cigarette Products and the WTO
Speaker: Associate Professor Andrew D Mitchell, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne

A NOTE from Andrew Mitchell following on from the event.
I thought that you might be interested in an article I have just co-authored with Sebastian Wurzberger titled “Boxed in? Australia's Plain Tobacco Packaging Initiative and International Investment Law”, available here: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1896125

Associate Professor Andrew D Mitchell
PhD (Camb); LLM (Harv); Grad Dip Intl L, LLB (Hons), BCom (Hons)(Melb)
Course Director, Juris Doctor Programme
Director, Global Trade Programme, Institute of International Law & the Humanities

Wednesday, 4 May 2011
WTO Scholars Forum Research Student Network Event:'Empowering Developing Countries in the WTO: Cross-Retaliation, Compensation and the Outcome of US - Cotton'

Geraldo Vidigal Neto, PhD student, University of Cambridge

Tuesday, 24 May 2011
WTO Scholars Forum Research Student Network Event:'Putting the "Trade" Back in Free Trade: Protecting and Promoting Consent in Trade Agreements'

Professor Frank J. Garcia, Boston College Law School

Wednesday 4 March 2011
WTO Scholars' Forum
Empowering Developing Countries in the WTO: Cross-Retaliation, Compensation and the Outcome of US - Cotton
Geraldo Vidigal Neto, PhD Student, Cambridge University
Presentation presented here: [pdf]
Tuesday 8 March 2011
WTO Scholars' Forum
Interpretation of Service Schedules: A Perspective from China-Audiovisual Services
Professor Heng Wang, Southwestern University of Political Science and Law, China

WTO Scholars Forum Research Student Networking Event:
17th November
Topic for Discussion: The 3rd OECD G20 Report on Trade and Investment 2010. available to download at http://www.unctad.org/en/docs/unctad_oecd2010_en.pdf
Discussion will be led by: Lemonia Tsaroucha, Research Student, UCL

Professor Chi Carmody, Faculty of Law, University of Western Ontario.
Title: "Rights & Obligations in WTO Law"
Time: 26th October 2010, 6-8pm.

Chair: Dr Andrew Lang, Senior Lecturer, LSE
PAPER presented here: [pdf]

WTO Scholars Forum Research Student Networking Event:
Monday 17 May 2010

Are Doha and the Single Undertaking Trade Round Model Dead?
Stefan Amarasinha, European Commission
Michael Johnson, Independent Advisor on International Trade Policy and Former Co-ordinator of Trade Policy at the UK Department of Trade and
8 December 2009
Beyond Mere Symbolism: An Anatomy of Symbolic Power in the World Trade Organization
Dr Matthew Eagleton-Pierce, University of Oxford
Wednesday 25 November 2009
Language, the WTO and International Agricultural Trade
Speaker: Dr Fiona Smith, UCL Laws
Chaired by The Rt Hon The Lord Woolf
Thursday 19 November 2009
WTO Law and Human Rights: A relationship reconfigured through the lens of sustainable development
Dr Emily Reid, Lecturer, University of Southampton
13 October 2009
Science, Hermeneutics and International Economic Law: Rethinking the 'Hormones' Dispute
Professor Sunjoon Cho, Chicago-Kent College of Law
21 May 2009
Services rules and services statistics: connections between governing and knowing, and why they matter
Dr Andrew Lang, LSE
5 May 2009
Some Theoretical Perspectives on WTO Compliance
Professor Mary Footer, University of Nottingham
3 December 2008
TLC – Trade and the Low Carbon Economy
Professor Geert Van Calster, University of Leuven
20 November 2008
Preempting International Law's Fragmentation through Regime Interaction: the WTO and Fisheries Subsidies
Dr Margaret Young, University of Cambridge
13 October 2008
'The EU's Economic Partnership Agreements with African Caribbean and Pacific States'
Dr Lorand Bartels, University Lecturer in International Law, University of Cambridge
23 June 2008
Download Paper
The Changing Nature of Sovereignty
Professor John Jackson, Faculty of Law, Georgetown University
20 May 2008
What Are Trade Agreements For?
Chair: Dr Fiona Smith, Faculty of Laws UCL, Director WTO Scholars' Forum
Speakers: Professor Don Regan, William W. Bishop Jr. Collegiate Professor of Law, University of Michigan
15 May 2008
Brazil/Tyres Dispute: Roundtable Discussion
Iain McVay, Steptoe & Co.
Lothar Ehring, Directorate-General for Trade, European Commission
Andrew Lang, LSE
5 February 2008
‘Normative Integration as Authority Allocation: Two Models and their Application in the WTO’
Dr Tomer Broude, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
28 January 2008
Comparing EC and WTO Law: Definitions of Subsidy and Stat Aid’
Chair: Professor Piet Eeckhout, KCL,
Speaker: Dr Luca Rubini, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham
21 November 2007
Chinese Views on Modern Marco Polos: New Foreign Trade Amendments after WTO Accession
Participants: Heng Wang, Lecturer, Economic and Trade Law School, China's Southwest University of Political Science and Law
Chair: Dr Fiona Smith, Faculty of Law UCL, & Director, WTO Scholars' Forum
Friday 4th May 2007
"GATS: Selected Issues"
Professor Petros Mavroidis, Columbia University School of Law,
Professor Andre Sapir, Universite de Bruxelles
Commentator: Professor Piet Eeckhout, Kings College London
Chair: Dr Federico Ortino, British Institute of International and Comparative Law
Date: Friday 9th February 2007, British Institute of International and Comparative Law
"The EU and its Member States in the WTO-Issues of Responsibility"
Speaker: Professor Piet Eeckhout, Kings College London
Date: Wednesday 24th January 2007, UCL Faculty of Laws
Roundtable Discussion on the Genetically Modified Organism Panel Report.
Joanne Scott, Ruth Mackenzie and Fiona Smith (UCL) and Les Levidow, Department of Technology, Open University.
Date: Wednesday 25th Oct 2006, UCL Faculty of Laws