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Russia's Accession to the WTO: Commitments, Processes and Prospects
Wednesday 24 October 2012, 6-8pm

Speakers: Richard Connolly (University of Birmingham) and Philip Hanson (Chatham House / University of Birmingham)
Chair: Dr Fiona Smith (UCL)
Venue: UCL Faculty of Laws

Fees: £10 standard ticket; £6 academic, Government, NGOs ticket; £4 for non-UCL students; Free for UCL Students;
Accreditation: 2 hours (SRA, and BSB (pending))

About this event

This talk will address range of issues linked to Russia’s forthcoming accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its implications for the Russian economy. The speakers will describe the far-reaching commitments Russia has undertaken in the realm of tariffs, non-tariff barriers, and openness to inward investment, identifying factors that tend both to support and challenge realization of these commitments. They will follow with a brief historical account of the reasons why the accession process for Russia was so protracted and an assessment of the likely medium- and long-term economic impacts of accession for the country as well as for its particular regions and social groups. The arguments will suggest that the likely direct impacts of accession will overall be modest (at least over the near- to medium- term), and focused in spheres in which a foreign presence may enhance the productivity of Russian firms in the domestic market (e.g., business services). Potentially, more substantial indirect benefits will largely depend on the scale and seriousness of domestic reform policies launched in support of WTO compliance (i.e., effects of accession on Russia’s political economy).

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