WTO Scholars' Forum

The World Trade Organisation Scholars' Forum

The WTO Scholars’ Forum was set up in September 2006 by Dr Fiona Smith (UCL) as a new initiative designed to bring together experts from both academia and legal practice to discuss current aspects of the law and practice of the World Trade Organization (WTO). From 2007 - 2012, Dr Isabelle Van Damme (Sidley Austin LLP Geneva) joined the forum as Co-Director.

Currently there are many academics and practitioners who have an interest in WTO law and several events organised under the auspices of individual London colleges, Chatham House, as well as the British Institute for International and Comparative Law, as well as exciting initiatives organised outside London. However, there is little year-long sustained activity which capitalizes on all the interest and knowledge. The WTO Scholars’ Forum draws together all this expertise by holding a series of activities. The Forum is also open to PhD students and it encourages them attend the activities and give papers as part of the seminar series.

If you would like to attend the roundtable discussion and/or participate in the Forum’s activities, please email the Forum’s administrator, Ann Tucker on ann.tucker@ucl.ac.uk.