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Honorary Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Nigel Balmer is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Empirical Legal Studies, Faculty of Laws. He holds a Ph.D. from John Moores Univeristy and a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Stirling. He is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a Member of the American Statistical Association and an Honorary Fellow of John Moores University. He has brought his statistical expertise to bear on a range of projects in the field of empirical legal studies, including the Jury Decision-Making Research Programme and the Tribunals for Diverse Users project. He has also made a critical contribution to the development of the English and Welsh Civil and Social Justice Survey, a continuous large-scale survey of the public’s experience of the civil law. His research interests focus on research methods and applied statistics. Recent publications include Changing Fortunes: Results from a Randomised Control Trial of the Offer of Debt Advice in England and Wales (2007, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies), Worried Sick: The Experience of Debt Problems and their Relationship with Health, Illness and Disability (2006, Social Policy and Society), Multiple Justiciable Problems: Common Clusters, Problem Order and Social and Demographic Indicators (2004, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies), and The Experience of Clinical Negligence Within the General Population (2003, Clinical Risk)