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LLB and Baccalaureus Legum English and German Law (M146)

University of Cologne With growing demand in Europe for lawyers qualified in more than one jurisdiction, the faculty offers a double degree programme involving two years of study at UCL and two years of study in Germany at the University of Cologne. This programme leads to the award of both the Bachelor of Laws honours degree from UCL and the Baccalaureus Legum from the University of Cologne. The Baccalaureus Legum is not a fully qualifying law degree in Germany but students are given the opportunity to remain enrolled at the University of Cologne after completing the LLB and Baccalaureus Legum in order to take the German First State Exam. Please note that in order to be eligible to enrol on and satisfy all academic requirements for the German First State Exam, candidates applying on the basis of UK A level qualifications must have studied mathematics or a natural science as one of their three A level subjects.

Candidates are required to demonstrate complete fluency in German in addition to the standard entry requirements. Students enrolled on the M146 programme are not normally allowed to transfer to another LLB programme at UCL.

Years 1 and 2 of the programme are taken at UCL and are similar to years 1 and 2 of the three-year LLB programme (M100).

Year 1
Contract Law
Criminal Law
Property Law I
Public Law
European Legal Studies (German) I

In year 1, M146 and M100 students take the same subjects, including a short introduction to legal method at the beginning of the year. M146 students also receive a year-long introduction to German law, legal institutions, and legal terminology, taught in German.

Year 2
European Legal Studies (German) II
European Union and Human Rights Law
Property Law II
Tort Law

In year 2, M146 and M100 students again take the same subjects except that M146 students take European Legal Studies (German) II instead of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory.

Year 3 and 4
Study in Germany

In years 3 and 4, students are registered in the Baccalaureus Legum degree programme as full-time undergraduates of the University of Cologne (and not of UCL).

See the website for University of Cologne

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