UCL Laws Research Degree Programmes


The Faculty of Laws welcomes applications from research students registered at other universities, who wish to spend a period of 3 to 12 months at UCL undertaking research which is complementary to the PhD project at your ‘home’ university. For students who wish to come to UCL to undertake doctoral level research under the supervision of a UCL academic, this can be done either as part of an exchange link (e.g. Erasmus) or independently.

If you are interested in seeking informal guidance or supervision from an expert in the Faculty of Laws, you should first check that the Faculty has academic staff in the relevant academic field who can supervise your research, and are willing to do so. Do this by consulting the information on the Law Faculty’s web pages about areas of research in the Faculty of Laws and profiles of academic staff.

As a visiting research student you have the same access to facilities and materials as UCL students.

How To Apply as a Visiting Research Student
To apply for visiting research student status, applicants are required to provide a clear synopsis of their research, and a statement of why it would assist their work to spend a period of time at UCL. You should also provide a reference from your principal supervisor at the university where you are doing the doctorate. You will need to submit these documents and your application form via the International Office.

All applicants must meet the same entry requirements as students who wish to undertake the full PhD programme at UCL.

Information on the full application process as a visiting research student, Erasmus or Independent, can be found on the webpages for International Students .