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The Phd Law students are maintaining their own blog with updates on recent news:

PhD Candiate Carrie Bradshaw is organising a Postgraduate Environmental Law Symposium to take place on Wednesday 7 November 2012. The symposium is jointly organised by UCL Centre for Law and the Environment and King’s College London (KCL) Dickson Poon School of Law. Those interested in presenting during the symposium can submit papers by Monday 3 September 2012. More information can be found here.
PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow Despoina Mantzari has been invited to conduct a two hours workshop at the University of Brescia (Italy) on judicial review of economic evidence in EU Courts (case study and discussion of selected national and/or European cases relevant from the point of view of EU Competition Law). The training program is an education project created by two Italian Universities (Universities of Brescia and Salento) and Paris 13, and financed by the European Commission
PhD Candidate Diana Constantinescu is the only PhD candidate from a British law school selected this year for the Summer Institute on Bounded Rationality in Berlin, organized by the Max Planck Institute (2-11 July 2012). Diana will be a discussant of Prof Reid Hastie (Chicago), specialist in jury research, and will also present her current work on judicial intuitions in the academic poster session. Her presence is kindly supported by the UCL Laws Faculty and by the Centre for Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition, Max Planck Institute.
PhD Candidate Despoina Mantzari and Dr. Javier Tapia coauthored a paper on the 'Regulation/Competition Interaction' forthcoming in Damien Geradin & Ioannis Lianos (eds.), RESEARCH HANDBOOK ON EUROPEAN COMPETITION LAW (Edward-Elgar, July 2012), Ch. 15.
PhD Candidate Despoina Mantzari and Emeritus Professor of Competition Law Valentine Korah coauthored an article on the recent reform of the UK's Competition Law regime entitled: 'It takes one to tango: The single U.K.
Competition and Markets Authority
’ (2012) 5(1) Antitrust Chronicle, Competition Policy International
PhD Candidates and Teaching Fellows Despoina Mantzari and Joseph Spooner attended the 4th Biennial ECPR Standing Group for Regulatory Governance Conference held in the University of Exeter on 27-29 June 2012. Despoina presented a paper entitled “A Complementary Relationship? The Judge and the Agency in the Realm of Economic Regulation", while Joseph’s paper was entitled "The Challenge to Traditional Personal Insolvency law of the Consumer Credit Society".
PhD Candidate and Teaching Fellow Joseph Spooner presented a paper entitled “What Difference Does It Make? Political Economy as an Alternative to Social and Cultural Explanations of Differences in National Insolvency Laws” at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting held in Honolulu on 5-8 June 2012. Joseph's paper considered the reasons for differences in the national consumer insolvency laws of a number of EU Member States, and compared data on social, regulatory and cultural factors in these countries in order to test whether these influence the shape of national laws. The paper concluded that a greater insight into the causes of divergences in national laws can be gained from analysing the political development of legislation in each country. Joseph's presentation formed part of the proceedings of the LSA International Research Collaborative on Household Debt and Insolvency, to which Joseph is affiliated.
PhD Candidate Diana Constantinescu was the youngest among 12 scholars invited to present a paper at the international conference New Frontiers of Legal Realism: American, Scandinavian, European, Global (29-30 May 2012, University of Copenhagen). Diana presented “Reviving Legal Realism: An Updated perspective of the Hunch in Judicial Decision Making”.
Ghislaine Lanteigne, second year PhD candidate, presented a paper on ‘Parenting Arrangements and Relocation Law in Canada and England and Wales’ at the Conference of the Irish Society of Comparative Law, held at the University College Cork, on 2-3 March 2012. She also presented an information session on ‘Relocation Law in England and Wales for Parents involved in a Relocation Dispute’ for mediators from the Family Mediation Services at the Institute of Family Therapy, London, on 5 March 2012.
Michael Freitas Mohallem, PhD candidate, was invited by the Law Department, European University Institute (EUI) to join the university as a Visiting Researcher from April-June 2012. From December 2011-Feb2012 he was Visiting Scholar at the Minerva Center for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI).
Matthew Nicholson, PhD candidate, has been invited to attend Harvard Law School's Institute for Global Law and Policy (IGLP) Workshop in May / June 2012. Matthew will be joining the Docent program, which involves acting as a junior member of the workshop faculty. He attended the first IGLP workshop in 2010.
PhD candidate Florence Thépot was awarded a research fellowship to participate to the 19th 'Competition Law Scholars Forum' workshop, which took place on 26th January 2012 at the City Law School. The theme of the workshop was 'Competition Law, Regulation and the Media', and she presented a paper entitled 'Market power in online search and social networking markets: the input of economics for two-sided markets'
Kate Leivesley, PhD Candidate, has recently published an article in the Journal of Business Law (Issue 7, 2011) entitled "Financial Assistance: Why a Uniq Approach May Overcome Chaston".
PhD candidate Florence Thépot recently published an article entitled 'Leniency and Individual Liability: Opening the Black Box of the Cartel' in the Competition Law Review. (2011) 7 (2) CompLRev

"MPhil/PhD candidate Joseph Spooner presented a paper entitled 'A Comparative Examination of the Contrasting Characterisations of Debtors underpinning National Personal Insolvency Laws' at the Law and Society Association Annual Meeting held in San Francisco on 2-5 June 2011. Joseph's paper considered the extent to which the functional designs of national personal insolvency laws in England and Wales, Ireland, France and the USA are influenced by particular characterisations of the archetypal consumer debtor held by policymakers in these jurisdictions. It questioned the extent to which such characterisations are reflected in the empirical reality of consumer debt. Joseph's presentation formed part of a session organised by the International Research Collaborative on Household Debt, to which Joseph is affiliated."

Noam Peleg, second year PhD candidate, presented a paper on 'What Is Wrong With Imagining a Universal Child?' at the conference 'Implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child - Opportunities and Challenges'. The Conference was organized by the Research Forum for the Child at Queen's University Belfast, on 1 and 2 June 2011.

Despoina Mantzari, Second Year PhD Candidate at UCL, presented a paper at the SMIs 5 Annual Conference on Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade (http://www.smi-online.co.uk/event_media/overview.asp?is=0&ref=3485), on 8 February 2011 in London,  entitled: 'Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade in EU Courts. What room for Economic Evidence?' Despoina's paper discussed  the findings of a number of empirical studies addressing the effects of Pharmaceutical Parallel Trade on the consumer and on the R&D efforts of the Pharmaceutical Industry and assessed their  impact on the EU Courts' rulings in the Greek and Spanish GSK Cases. 

Pritam Baruah (1st year PhD candidate) jointly presented a paper  with Mr.Nicolas Rouleau on "The Role of Legal and Constitutional Pluralism as Procedures to Resolve Value Conflicts " at the Third Asian-European Dialogue on Comparative Constitutional Law.  The conference was jointly organised by the University of Vienna and the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences, India at Kolkata on 11 and 12 November 2010. Pritam Baruah (1st year PhD candidate) made a presentation on Sustainable Development and Human Rights at the University of Leipzig, Germany on 19 November 2010. The presentation was part of a three day conference on "The International Financial System after the Crisis - an Indo-European Perspective". Pritam was a panelist for the session on '"Sustainable Development and Human Rights".

Pritam Baruah (1st year PhD candidate) has been invited to contribute an article for the Journal "Law and Politics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America". Pritam is writing on the tension between equal representation and certain forms of asymmetric federalism in the Indian Constitution. http://www.vrue.nomos.de/?L=1

Danae Azaria gave a one hour seminar on 'Transit of Energy under Public International Law: Bilateralism Revisited' at the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies on 17 November 2010. The audience included lawyers, economists and experts from the energy industry.
Surutchada Chullapram will present a paper entitled Challenges to Freedom of Speech in Thailand: Online Speech Regulations under the Computer-related Crime Act 2007 at the First International Conference on Human Rights in Southeast Asia, on 14-15 October 2010, in Bangkok, Thailand.
Surutchada Chullapram will present a paper entitled Online News Reports in Thailand under the Computer-related Crime Act 2007 at the Media Asia Conference in Osaka, Japan, on 28-30 October 2010.
Noam Peleg (2nd year PhD candidate) presented a paper at the 2010 International Conference on Children in Law, Held in the Örebro University, Sweden (16-17 September 2010). The title of the presentation was ‘The Need to Protect Children's Right to Development'.

Rónán Kennedy (PhD Candidate at UCL Faculty of Laws) won a prize for the best student presentation at the 20th Irish Environmental Researchers' Colloquium (ENVIRON 2010), held at Limerick Institute of Technology in February 2010, for his paper on "The Application of Information and Communications Technology to Environmental Regulation". The paper examines how information is a key aspect of environmental regulation but this input is often flawed or incomplete. Information and communications technology (ICT) can help by empowering non-governmental organisations; increased accountability of government agencies; monitoring and remote sensing; sophisticated data analysis, simulation and modelling; the wider distribution of environmental information; lowering the information costs in markets for intangible property rights; greater capacity for 'reflexive law'; and facilitating greater public participation.

Michael Freitas Mohallem, Research Student at the Faculty of Laws, presented a paper at the Westminster Graduate Conference 2010: "Law and Politics: Democracy, Human Rights and Power" (University of Westminster - The School of Law, The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre, The Westminster Centre for the Study of Democracy) on the 11th of June 2010. The title of his paper was "Immutable Clauses and Judicial Review: The Constitutional Jurisprudence of India, Brazil and South Africa".

Mr. Noam Peleg, first year PhD student at the Faculty of Laws, presented a paper on 'Children's Right to Development' at the Law & Childhood Colloquium that took place on 5&6 July 2010 in London.

Mariya Talib will present a paper at the International Law 1989-2010: A Performance Appraisal, 4th Biennial Conference of the European Society of International Law (ESIL). The Conference will take place in Cambridge, England on 2-4 September 2010. She will be presenting a paper on the International Economic Law panel entitled "The Agreement on Agriculture Must Evolve: the Role of the Agreement on Agriculture in Promoting Ecologically Sustainable Agriculture."

Danai (or Danae) Azaria (PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow at UCL Laws) presented a paper at the Annual Conference on Energy Security of the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (11 June 2010). The title of the presentation was 'The impact of energy security on the resolution of energy transit disputes'.

Danai (or Danae) Azaria (PhD candidate and Teaching Fellow at UCL Laws) was invited to contribute the findings of her recent publication 'Energy Transit under the Energy Charter Treaty and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade' (JERNL 2009) on the WTO online discussion forum for the 2010 Report on Natural Resources. Read Danai's paper here

Rónán Kennedy presented the following papers:

  • Information and Communications Technology and Environmental Regulation. Regulating Global Concerns Climate Change and Intellectual Property Rights: Legal Frameworks and Institutions for the Development and Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies, Sønderborg Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University, Denmark, May 2010.
  • Climate Change Law and Policy After Copenhagen. Law and the Environment 2010, University College Cork, April 2010.
  • The Implications of Information and Communications Technology for Environ- mental Regulation. 20th Irish Environmental Researchers¹ Colloquium (Student Paper Prize Winner), Limerick, February 2010.