UCL Laws Research Degree Programmes

Monitoring of Progress

Research student progress is monitored via the online UCL Research Student Log, which is a mandatory component and accessible to students and their supervisors. On a bi-annual basis the Faculty’s Director of Research Studies asks for a progress report to be submitted by both students and supervisors. These reports are also used to highlight any difficulties that students may encounter so that they can be solved at an early stage.

Within 12 months of registration, research students are expected to be ready for upgrading to PhD. They will be required to submit a piece of writing (usually one chapter from their thesis and a synopsis and chapter plan for the remainder of the thesis), and to present and answer questions about this work to a panel consisting of their subsidiary supervisor and an independent assessor who is not a specialist in the area of research or related field. More information on the criteria for upgrade can be found in the Academic Regulations

Research students who have upgraded to PhD are encouraged to give presentations to staff and other students in the Faculty’s lunch hour seminar series in order to develop their presentation skills and to obtain helpful and supportive feedback on their work.

In their last year, students are expected to submit a progress review and a detailed plan for the final years work together with an expected submission date.