UCL Laws Research Degree Programmes

Networking and Social Events

The Faculty offers different events for research students which give them the opportunity to meet other research students and academics in a more informal setting.

Dean’s Welcome
Each year, the Dean invites all Graduate Students to a drinks reception at which students have an opportunity to meet all members of staff in the Faculty of Laws. All new and returning research students are invited to a pre-reception and a welcome by the Dean and the Director of Research Studies.

Cumberland Lodge
Once a year all first year students are invited to attend a study retreat at Cumberland Lodge as part of their programme. The aim of the retreat is to foster the Faculty's research community by offering students the time and space to think about their research projects together, receiving peer feedback in an informal and inspiring setting.
Cumberland Lodge is an educational charity with the Queen as its patron. It offers a variety of events for students throughout the year. Please refer to their website for more information.

Annual Dinner for Research Students and Supervisors
The Director of Research Studies invites all students and their supervisors to an annual dinner, which usually takes place at the end of the second term. This gives students an excellent opportunity to talk with Faculty members other than their own supervisors.

Lunchtime Seminar Programme
The Faculty of Laws offers Lunchtime Seminars and invites PhD students to present their topics to other members of the Faculty. The programme will be made available for enrolled students and they will receive invitations to present papers.

Organised by current PhD students is the Work in Progress Seminar series which invites all Laws research students to present a paper with the opportunity to discuss their topic and receive feedback.

Equally, UCL Bite-Sized Lunchtime Lectures offer the opportunity to give a short lunchtime lecture of 15 minutes to a general (non-specialist) audience. Speakers will be supported in preparing for the lecture through a training session with UCL Public Engagement Unit staff and meet with a member of the Bite-Sized committee to discuss topics.

PhD Mailing List and Web Profiles
All current MPhil/PhD candidates are connected through a mailing list and a virtual network that is used to advertise events, conferences and job opportunities and offers them the possibility to organise reading groups or meetings themselves. Students can create a web profile to present their research and areas of expertise on the Faculty of Laws webpages.