UCL Laws Research Degree Programmes

Fees per annum for 2013-14

Tuition fees cover all elements of tuition, registration and examination. If applicable, additional research expenses will be specified on an applicant’s formal offer of admission. Fees for the current academic session can be found on the fee schedule and relate to the whole session. Fees for subsequent years are subject to increase. You should make provision for such increases and this is implicit in accepting the offer of a place at UCL.

Offers of admission to UCL indicate whether, for fee purposes, a student is considered to be ‘UK’, ‘EU’ or ‘Overseas’. This decision is made in accordance with the 1997 Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations (SI No. 1972) and subsequent amendments. Students who believe that they have been classified incorrectly must query the decision immediately. Please refer to the pages of Tuition Fees Status Procedure for more detailed information.

Part-Time Study
MPhil/PhD when pursued on a part-time basis are charged half the full-time fee, which can be found on the fee schedule.

Study Leave
Study Leave is charged at half the full-time or part-time UK/EU fee depending on a student's registration status.

Special Fees
Non Residential Students - a deduction of £1,500 from full-time students' fees and £750 from part-time students' fees has been agreed by the Graduate School.

Living Costs
Information on estimated living expenses can be found at the bottom of the page here: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/prospective-students/accommodation/living-london