Pathways to Law

Frequently Asked Questions smiling students

I’m in Year 11 - when should I send in my application?
Each year, we accept Year 11 applications for Pathways to Law during the summer holidays for entry into the programme in September of the same year.

I am in Year 12 - can I still apply to the programme?

If you have just started in Year 12 in September 2013 then you can apply by the deadline of 7 October 2013.

I’m in Year 10 - how can I find out more about Pathways to Law?

If you are currently in Year 10, and are about to move into Year 11, we would be happy to visit your school and talk to you about the Pathways programme. Please contact us on pathwaystolaw@ucl.ac.uk. In addition, there may be Year 12 or 13 students at your school already on Pathways who could talk to you about their experiences.

Can I choose whether to study on Pathways at UCL or LSE?

Unfortunately, you cannot choose a specific London University, or switch universities. However, all aspects of your application will be taken into account for your placement. We bring together UCL and LSE students for 3 or 4 joint events per year.

How many people can apply per school?

Pathways aims to give as diverse a spread of students as possible the chance to study on the programme. Thus, it may not be possible to take all applicants from the same school. As a general rule we would take up to five people from the same school, who would be split between UCL and LSE.

How many programme sessions are there?

UCL offers between 6 - 8 sessions per year across the two-year programme, plus a residential ‘Pathways National Conference’ event and your work placement in the first year, and a ‘Pathways Graduation Ceremon’y in your second. Please use this link to view our flyer.

What personal commitment do I have to make?

Pathways to Law students are expected to attend all of the 8 -10 Pathways sessions per year, across both years of their participation. Condoned absences will only be granted in exceptional circumstances, and must be requested beforehand, except in the case of an emergency or unforeseen event.

Do I need to bring my own lunch or refreshments?

No. UCL or the event organiser will provide all necessary food and refreshments at each event.

Who are the mentors?

Each Pathways student is mentored by a UCL LLB second year undergraduate student, who looks after 3 or 4 Pathways students. Mentors will provide support primarily by email and attend occasional events. In most circumstances, you will have the same mentor for both years on Pathways.

If I become a Pathways to Law student will I be guaranteed an undergraduate place at UCL?

No. The Pathways to Law programme offers no automatic place at any of our partner universities. However, participating students are strongly advised to draw upon their experiences on the programme. Do refer to Pathways when making applications to universities and seeking employment opportunities in the future. Our Laws admissions team at UCL will note any applicants who are members of the Pathways to Law programme from any of the twelve universities.

Is attendance at the National Conference compulsory?

All Pathways students are strongly advised to attend the National Conference, which takes place in July after the school term is finished. The Conference offers a unique opportunity to gain an insight into university life and meet different individuals from across the legal profession. The Pathways National Conference is a key element in the schedule of the first year of the programme. There will also be a mini UCAS fair involving all twelve Pathways Universities.

What happens at the National Conference?

Students are fully supervised at the National Conference. They join groups of students from other universities to network and make new friends. Up to six of the LLB student mentors from UCL will also attend to help with organising, chaperoning and facilitating groups. The University of Warwick is a campus-based university, so it is completely self-contained. Students are not allowed to leave the campus and in fact will have no need to. Accommodation is en suite, in single sex blocks, and is within five minutes walk of the dining facilities and lecture rooms. There are coffee shops, a post office, a supermarket, cash point etc all on campus.

Do we have to cater for ourselves at the National Conference?

No. The Conference is fully catered, with a choice of cooked or continental breakfast or fruit and cereal etc. Lunch is normally in the form of a packed lunch and then there will be a cooked two-course meal in the evening. On the last evening there is a gala dinner which, though formal, is fun too. Representatives from Law firms who hosted student placements also attend and everyone is expected to dress smartly (no jeans). There is a disco afterwards.

How much does Pathways cost?

Nothing. The Pathways to Law programme is fully funded by partner universities, national sponsors and the College of Law. All events, transport, refreshment and materials will be provided free of charge or expenses refunded. Transport costs can be refunded upon presentation of a valid ticket and/or receipt. The National Conference mentioned above is fully funded and a small amount of spending money is all that is needed.

When is the deadline?

The deadline for applications to start the programme is Monday 7 October 2013.