Pathways to Law



During your time on the Pathways programme you will build up vital experience by:

  • Spending a period of time in a leading law firm in the city gaining practical experience within a professional legal environment
  • Being exposed to other legal environments such as Magistrates' Courts, Barristers' Chambers and Crown Courts
  • Participating in 'networking' events where you will learn key techniques to develop your connections with individuals within the legal sector
  • Working both individually and within a team to deliver presentations, develop performance skills and enhance your public speaking ability - vital in any future professional employment

Throughout the programme you will be challenged to demonstrate your abilities by:

  • Participating in a mock trial ("moot") where you will argue your own legal case against another team
  • Making presentations individually and as part of a group to other Pathways students and staff at the university
  • Attending the National Conference where you will deliver a major presentation to senior members of the legal profession