Pathways to Law

About the Programme

Pathways to Law is an innovative national project which seeks to raise the aspirations of young people and give them the confidence to pursue a career in the law.

As a Widening Participation programme, Pathways to Law targets students who come from a state school background with no history of higher education outside their generation.

Students are recruited to the London programme and then allocated to either UCL or LSE; these pages are relevant for students who will be studying at UCL. During Students’ time on the programme they will participate in a variety of sessions which seek to develop key skills that will assist them as they continue into higher education and beyond. Furthermore, all students on the Pathways to Law Programme are allocated a period of work experience with a Magic Circle Law Firm in the city.

At the end of their first year on the programme, students will be invited to attend the Pathways to Law National Conference held annually at the University of Warwick. This conference brings together all Pathways students from each partner institution for a four day residential event at the university. During the Conference students will gain a firsthand insight into life within a university and will take part in a legal academic competition witnessed by leading legal professionals from across the country.
Throughout the programme Pathways students will be mentored individually by current UCL second year LLB undergraduate law students. They will learn to communicate effectively through the Pathways to Law e-mentoring scheme, provided by The Brightside Trust.

Pathways to Law began at the University of Edinburgh, where it has been running successfully since 2001. Thanks to generous funding from The College of Law and various leading law firms, it is now a national programme running at twelve universities around the country.

The programme aims to give as varied an insight into Law as a subject and University life as possible. There will be opportunities to network with students from all over the country as well as academic and business professionals. Not only does the programme seek to increase the students knowledge of law and interest in the subject, but it will help gain life skills whilst having fun and making new friends.