Master of Laws (LLM) Programme


About the Coursestudents with laptop
LawWithoutWalls™ is an award-winning course pioneered by University of Miami School of Law and taught in conjunction with leading law schools across the globe including UCL Laws, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Fordham Law School, New York Law School, Peking University (STL), University of St Gallen and University of Sydney.

The course explores innovations in global legal education and practice through weekly virtual classes and collaborative research. UCL students attend and participate in virtual classroom sessions on Adobe Connect and are grouped with students from other participating law schools to conduct a piece of research on an assigned topic. The topics are interdisciplinary and wide-ranging, looking to the future in their anticipation of changes to legal practice and education within a virtual landscape.
UCL offers students the opportunity to participate in three LawWithoutWalls programmes: LawWithoutWalls (LWOW Original), LWOW X and the new LWOW X Compliance programme. The LWOW Original and LWOW X programmes follow the same curriculum save that LWOW X is an all-virtual module, making the benefits of LWOW available to a greater number of students. As such, both programmes have the same components and benefits with the only difference being that LWOW students meet in person for the kick-off event (in January) and the closing ConPosium (in April) whereas these are conducted on-line in the LWOW X programme. There are four places on the LWOW Original programme and six-ten places on the LWOW X programme.

Further information will be made available about the new LWOW X Compliance programme in the coming weeks. There will be up to four places available on this programme. For further information about all the programmes, please see http://www.lawwithoutwalls.org.

In addition to the online classes, there will be three introductory seminars in UCL for all students selected at the end of Term One and there will be regular meetings and support with the UCL coordinator throughout the programme with students.

Mentors and Partners
Throughout the course, students engage with leading practitioners and mentors from across the globe through weekly virtual mentoring sessions, creating an incredible networking, as well as learning, opportunity. For more information on participating mentors see www.lawwithoutwalls.org/players-2014/.

Central to the programme is the idea that students should engage with one another in person as well as virtually. To that end, a Kick Off event is held each year for students and mentors to meet and prepare for the course. This year’s LawWithoutWalls launch event will be held in Dublin on 17th-18th January 2015. The LWOW X launch event will be held using Adobe Connect on 9th - 10th January. Students will then present their research at a ConPosium at the end of the course. The LawWithoutWalls students will participate at a ConPosium at Miami Law School on 18th-19th April 2015 and the LWOW X students will participate in a virtual ConPosium on 28th-29th March.

Selection and participation in LawWithoutWalls offers immeasurable benefits for UCL students including individual mentorship from leading academics and practitioners, guest speakers, international travel, experiencing using new media learning technologies and acquisition of a diverse range of law related skills.

LawWithoutWalls recently won an Innov Action Award for its ingenuity in the management of the practice of law from the College of Law Practice Management: http://www.innovactionaward.com/

How to Apply
Applications need to be submitted by 11.59pm, 19th October 2014 and interviews are likely to be held on 12 or 19 November 2014. It is imperative that your application states whether you are applying to be considered for LWOW only, LWOW X only or both programmes.

For more details on the application process please visit http://www.lawwithoutwalls.org/application . In accordance with the LWOW website, applications should be submitted via the LWOW website and also emailed to Miami Law and the UCL LWOW Faculty Manager (Ciara Beades) and UCL LWOW Faculty Director (Anna Donovan). For application purposes only, please use the email address lwow@ucl.ac.uk rather than emailing Ciara or Anna directly.

A LawWithoutWalls Question & Answer session will be held in Beveridge Hall, Senate House, on Thursday 25 September at 12:45 as part of the induction programme. There will also be an information and application Q&A session on Wednesday 8th October at 2pm in the Moot Court.

If you have any further questions please email LWOW@ucl.ac.uk.



The application process for the 2014-15 academic session, for entry in September 2014, is now closed.

Information regarding applications for September 2015 will be updated on the website in September 2014.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Updated 28 May 2014

The Home Office issued an update about the acceptance of ETS tests (including TOEFL). They have now confirmed that Higher Education students applying for a Tier 4 visa may use a TOEFL test taken after 17 April, if a Higher Education Institution is willing to use its academic discretion. For those students entering in September 2014, UCL will continue to accept the TOEFL even if it was taken after 17 April. However, if an applicant still needs to book a test then we recommend that they take an alternative test to TOEFL. Those who have already arranged to take a different test following the previous advice from the Home Office, we encourage you to go ahead with taking the alternative test.

The TOEFL test will continue to be accepted for 2014 entrants who have been asked to take an English language qualification as part of their offer condition, and do not need to apply for a visa to study in the UK.