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Credit value: 30 credits (12 ECTS)
Module Convenor: Professor George Letsas Other Teachers: Professor Riz Mokal


This module covers certain fundamental topics in contemporary Anglo-American legal philosophy, through studying three main schools of thought: legal positivism, natural law and interpretivism. We will explore questions such as: what is the nature of legal norms? How do we identify legal norms? What is the connection between legal and moral obligation? What is the point and purpose of law? Is coercion essential to law? Do judges have discretion in applying the law?


  • Moral Objectivity and the Law
  • The Command Theory and Utilitarianism
  • Criticisms of the Command Theory
  • Legal Positivism and Conventionalism
  • Criticisms of Legal Positivism
  • Law as Integrity
  • Coercion and the Law
  • Law and the Common Good
  • Law and Authority
  • Judicial Discretion in Stare Decisis and Statutory Interpretation

Background Reading (optional):

  • HLA Hart, The Concept of Law 2nd. ed. (OUP);
  • RM Dworkin, Law’s Empire (Harvard)
  • JM Finnis, Natural Law and Natural Rights 2nd ed. (OUP)

Module reading lists and other module materials will be provided via online module pages, once students have made their module selections upon enrolment in September.

Delivery and enrolment
Lectures/Seminars: 10 x 2-hour seminars
Tutorials: None
Previous module enrolments: Medium – 16-50 students
Who may enrol: LLM students, other UCL Masters students
Prerequisities: No formal prerequisites, although previous study of legal philosophy is recommended.
Barred module combinations: This module cannot be taken with its full module LAWSG025 Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Core Module for LLM specialism: Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
Final Assessment: 3,000 word coursework essay
Practice Assessment: Opportunity for feedback on one optional 2,000 word practice essay

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