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Philip Rawlings   PHILIP RAWLINGS
ACIB (1975), LLB (1978), PhD (1987)
Professor of Law

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Philip Rawlings is Professor of the Law of Finance. He joined the Faculty as Norton Rose Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law in September 2003 from the University of Warwick. Previously, he taught at Hull University (1979-81), University of Wales, Aberystwyth (1981-89) and Brunel University (1990-2000). He was appointed Professor of Law in 2006. He has been an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers since 1975 and is Visiting Professor, Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II).

Philip Rawlings is a deputy director of the Centre for Commercial Law, UCL. He is an editor of Benjamin's Sale of Goods, chief examiner in Commercial Law for the University of London LLB (External) degree, for which he wrote the study guide, Commercial Law (University of London, 2007), and chief examiner in Insurance Law for the University of London LLM (External) degree, for which (with Professor John Lowry, UCL) he wrote the study guide, Insurance Law (University of London, 2006).

Professor Rawlings’ current areas of research are:

  • Insurance Law
  • Sale of Goods
  • Banking Law
  • International Finance Law
  • Early history of Financial Regulation
  • Criminal Justice History

Publications since 1990 include:

Books and Edited books

•  Benjamin's Sale of Goods (Sweet & Maxwell, 2007-date) (contributing editor).

•  Insurance Law: Doctrines and Principles (Hart Publishing, 1999 (1st ed) 2005 (2nd ed)) (with John Lowry).

•  Insurance Law: Cases and Materials (Hart Publishing, 2004) (with John Lowry).

•  Policing: A Short History (Willan Publishing, 2002)

•  Kluwer's Handbook of Insurance Law (Croner CCH, 2002) (contributing editor).

•  Crime and Power: A History of Criminal Justice 1688-1998 (Longman, 1999).

•  Financial Services in the United King dom (ZERP, University of Bremen, 1994) (editor).

•  Drunks, Whores and Idle Apprentices: Criminal Biographies of the Eighteenth Century (Routledge, 1992).

•  Imprisonment in England and Wales: A Concise History (Croom Helm, 1985) (with R.W. Ireland, W.D. Hines, C. Harding).

Chapters in books

•  “Policing Before the Police” in T. Newburn, ed., Handbook of Policing (Cullompton: Willan Publishing, 2 nd ed 2008; 1 st ed 2003).

•  The New Dictionary of National Biography (OUP, 2004) - biographies of the eighteenth-century criminals, James Dalton, John Poulter, Charles Speckman, Mary Young, Rev. James Hackman and Rev. William Dodd, and the magistrate, Sir John Fielding.

•  ''Re-thinking Insurable Interest' (with John Lowry) in S. Worthington (ed), ? Commercial Law and Commercial Practice ( Hart, 2003).

•  "General Principles of Insurance Law", in Kluwer's Handbook of Insurance Law (Croner CCH, 2002).

•  "True Crime", in J. Vagg and T. Newburn, eds, British Criminology Conference: Selected Proceedings. Volume 1: Emerging Themes in Criminology (British Society of Criminology, 1998).

•  "Consumer Empowerment and the Citizen's Charter", (with C. Willett) in C. Willett, ed., Public Sector Reform and the Citizen's Charter (Blackstone Press, 1996), pp. 25-42.

•  "The Citizen's Charter and the Police", (with S. Easton) in C. Willett, ed., P ublic Sector Reform and the Citizen's Charter (Blackstone Press, 1996), pp. 81-105.

•  "Social change, Police and Protection", (with E.A. Stanko) in L. Shelley and J. Vigh, eds., Social Changes, Crime and Police (Harwood Academic Publishers, 1995), pp 225-28.

•  "The Ordinary of Newgate's Account: Mary Young", in D. Hobbs, ed., Professional Criminals (Dartmouth Publishing, 1995), pp. 269-84.

•  "The Regulation of Financial Services in the United Kingdom", in P. Rawlings, ed., Financial Services in the United Kingdom (ZERP, University of Bremen, 1994).

•  "Creeping Privatisation? The Police, Policing and the Conservative Government in the Late 1980s", in R. Reiner and M. Cross, eds., Beyond Law and Order; Criminal Justice Policy and Politics into the 1990s , (Macmillan, 1991), pp. 41-58.

•  “Criminal Law and Criminal Justice” in W.D. Hines et al, eds, English Legal History ( Garland , 1990).

Articles (Since 1990)

•  “All Change: The Fall of the FSA and the Further Rise of the Bank of England” (2011) 30 (4) Banking & Financial Services Policy Report 16.

•  “Bank Reform in the UK: Part II – Return to the Dark Ages?” [2010] International Corporate Rescue. (Parts I and II reprinted as special issue in 2011.)

•  “Bank Reform in the UK: Part I – Future of Banking Commission” [2010] International Corporate Rescue 410.

•  “Reform of Bank Regulation in the UK: The Opening Salvo” (2010) 25(10) Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 522.

•  “Market Disruption Clauses in Syndicated Loans” (2009) Butterworths Journal of International Banking and Financial Law 446

•  “ Reinforcing Collectivity: The Liability Of Trustees and The Power of Investors In Finance Transactions" (2009) 23(1) Trust Law International 14.

•  "The Management of Loan Syndicates and the Rights of Individual Lenders” [2009] Journal of International Banking Law and Regulation 179.

•  “(Re)calibrating the Scope of Notification Clauses in Insurance Contracts' (2009) 27(3) Canadian Journal of Insurance Law 43.

•  "Conditions Precedent in Insurance Contracts” (with Professor John Lowry) [2009] Journal of Business Law .

•  "'A Compleat System of Knavery: Folk Devils, Moral Panics and the Origins of Financial Regulation” [2008] Current Legal Problems 325.

•  "Blame in a Cold Climate: Bank Liability for Investment Advice" [2008] Journal of International Banking Law .

•  “Claims: Conditions Precedent to Liability and Waiver” [2007] Journal of Business Law (Jan) 179 (with Professor John Lowry).

•  "The Changing Role of the Trustee in International Bond Issues" [2007] Journal of Business Law 43.

•  "Innominate Terms in Insurance Contract" (with John Lowry) [2006] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 135.

•  “A Force Divided” [2006] Criminal Justice Matters 22.

•  "International Bonds and Trustees" [2006] Trust Law International 205.

•  "Third Party Rights in Contract" [2006] Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly 7.

•  "Fraudulent Claims: Framing the Appropriate Remedy" (with John Lowry) [2006] Journal of Business Law 82.

•  "Proximate Causation in Insurance Law" (with John Lowry) [2005] Modern Law Review 309.

•  “Insurers, Claims and the Boundaries of Good Faith” (with John Lowry) [2005] Modern Law Review 82.

•  "Yuppies, Drugs and Tesco: Should the Bank of England Blame Itself for Bank Failures?" (with M. D'Ingeo) (1998) 2 Journal of Money Laundering Control 39.

•  "The Idea of Policing: A History" (1995) 5 Policing and Society 129.

•  "Ombudsman Schemes in the United Kingdom 's Financial Sector: The Insurance Ombudsman, the Banking Ombudsman, and the Building Societies Ombudsman" (with C. Willett) (1994) 17 Journal of Consumer Policy 307.

•  "Consumerism and the Citizen's Charter" (with C. Willett) (1994) 2 Consumer Law Journal 3.

•  "Who Needs a Royal Commission?" (1992) 8 Policing 15.

•  "The Citizen's Charter" (with G. Morris, C. Willett) [1992] Journal of Business Law 88.

Current Teaching
Commercial Law

Banking Law
Legal Aspects of International Finance

PhD Supervision
Professor Rawlings welcomes approaches from prospective doctoral students in the areas of Banking law, International finance law, The History of Commercial Law and the History of Criminal Justice.

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