Public Engagement

UCL's Public Engagement Activities

UCL Public Engagement Unit

UCL's Public Engagement Unit works to support activities which encourage a culture of two-way conversations between university staff and students, and people outside the university. It is one of six such units in the United Kingdom to be funded by the Beacons for Public Engagement programme set up by HEFCE, Research Councils UK and the Wellcome Trust. The Public Engagement Unit supports UCL staff and students involved in activities like:
  • Telling public groups about our work
  • Supporting communities with our expertise
  • Nurturing a society in which the next generation want to take part in research, teaching and learning
  • Letting people outside the University contribute their research and knowledge to our programmes
  • Taking part in dialogue about the direction of our research and teaching
  • Creating knowledge in collaboration with communities and interest groups outside the University.

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Bright Club

Bright Club is a series of comedy club-style events in the UK promoting public engagement by scientists, researchers, academics and others with specialist knowledge. It has been described by The Guardian as a "thinking person's' comedy night", and by Londonist as "where funny meets brains". Every event has a number of speakers, normally university researchers, each of whom gives a short, funny talk related to their area of knowledge and a theme for the night.

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