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LRI Online Working Papers

One of the objectives of the LRI is to produce and disseminate research excellence in the area of labour law, and our LRI Working Papers allow us to do so in a timely and accessible fashion.

If you would like your paper to be published as an LRI WP, please contact one of the LRI coordinators with your paper and a 500 words abstract, for futher authoring and submisson advice please click here.

Papers to download

Paper Title
Nicola Countouris (UCL)
Samuel Engblom (TCO)
‘Protection or Protectionism?’- A legal deconstruction of the
emerging false dilemma in European integration
Nicola Countouris (UCL) Uses and Misuses of 'Mutuality of Obligations' and the Autonomy of Labour Law
Virginia Mantouvalou (UCL) Human Rights for Precarious Workers. The Legislative Precariousness of Domestic Labour
Virginia Mantouvalou (UCL) Are Labour Rights Human Rights?

Einat Albin (Hebrew University)
Virginia Mantouvalou (UCL)

The ILO Convention on Domestic Workers: From the Shadows to the Light
Nicola Countouris (UCL)
Mark Freedland (Oxford University)
Injunctions, Cyanamid, and the corrosion of the right to strike in the UK