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LRI On-line Working Papers

One of the objectives of the LRI is to produce and disseminate research excellence in the area of labour law, and our LRI Working Papers allow us to do so in a timely and accessible fashion.

If you would like your paper to be published as an LRI WP, please contact one of the LRI coordinators with your paper and a 500 words abstract, and take note of the following:

  • Please check whether your contribution fits within the profile of the LRI and what we understand by labour law.
  • Please notice that we publish exclusively in English.
  • We aim to publish mainly articles, and while there is no particular word limit, way me be reluctant to publish work reaching the size of a small monograph. We will also consider proposals for other types of publications, including book reviews and case notes.
  • We will accept articles for publication regardless of whether they have already been published in printed form elsewhere. Likewise, we will not object if an article we have published is subsequently published in printed form elsewhere.
  • We request a permanent (i.e., non-withdrawable) licence to publish the article on-line, and this licence should normally be exclusive. If a subsequent publisher were to request you to withdraw your earlier submission to our Working Papers series, we will gladly negotiate this with you, but ask you to allow us to retain on our website at least 10 per cent of your work (typically your article’s introduction), your abstract, and a bibliographical reference to your new printed publication.
  • It is the responsibility of each author to verify that the publication of his or her contribution does not violate any copyright.
  • All articles are anonymously reviewed by at least one of our advisors or another expert in your field of work. We aim at fast publication. It is our policy that all submissions should have a final answer within a very short period of time, the length of which will typically depend on the size of your submission and the topic. For this reason, we will normally avoid conditional acceptances.
  • For publication purposes we tend to refer to the Cambridge University Press style guide