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Dr Einat Albin

(Hebrew University of Jerusalem, June 2010 - December 2010) - British Academy Visiting Academic researching on 'Sexual Harassment of Workers and Dress Codes'

As part of her broad project that aims to provide more profound understandings of service work and the way labour law should address services, in this particular study Einat is looking at two examples that are very much relevant to services: sexual harassment of workers by customers and dress codes.

Both are examples of a broader phenomenon that she calls the commodification of the body, behaviours and presentations of the body.

By drawing on management studies, literature on consumer culture theory, on commodification, and on the social location of those performing service work, Einat develops a theory of service work, the role of customers in today's work domain and the limitations of the current legal approach.

This is done in an intention to propose a legal framework that can better address these phenomenon of service work.