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Virginia Mantouvalou   VIRGINIA MANTOUVALOU
LLB (Athens), LLM in Human Rights (LSE), PhD (LSE)
Reader in Human Rights and Labour Law; Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights

contact details:
Tel: +44 (0)20 3108 5055 | internal: x55055
Email: v.mantouvalou@ucl.ac.uk

Virginia Mantouvalou is Reader in Human Rights and Labour Law and Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights. She is also joint editor of Current Legal Problems. Before joining UCL, she taught at the University of Leicester and the London School of Economics. She has also been Dean’s Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University Law Centre in Washington DC.

Virginia has written extensively on human rights, labour law and European law. She completed her PhD in Law at the London School of Economics. She has received several scholarships and awards for her research, including an Arts and Humanities Research Council grant to work on theoretical aspects of social and labour rights. Virginia has also worked as a consultant for projects of the International Labour Organisation. She is on the management board of Kalayaan (organisation working on the rights of migrant domestic workers) and the Equal Rights Trust (organisation promoting equality), and is a collaborator of FLOOR (the Financial Assistance, Land Policy and Global Social Rights project) at Bielefeld University in Germany.

Virginia’s main research interests are in human rights, labour law and European law. She works on theoretical and legal aspects of social and labour rights, the right to work, privacy, the rights of undocumented migrants, domestic labour, modern slavery and the interplay between human rights and labour law.

Authored Books:

  • 2011: Debating Social Rights (with Conor Gearty), Hart Publishing
    • Reviews: (2012) 75 Modern Law Review 685-690; (2012) European Human Rights Law Review 475-478; Times Higher Education, 3 November 2011; (2012) Public Law 370-374.

Edited Books:

Journal articles:

Chapters in books:

  • 2014: ‘The Right to Non-Exploitative Work’, in The Right to Work: Legal and Philosophical Perspectives, Mantouvalou (ed), Hart Publishing, forthcoming
  • 2014: ‘Democratic Theory and Voices at Work’, in Voices at Work, Bogg and Novitz (eds), Oxford University Press, 214-231
  • 2014: ‘Organising Against Abuse and Exclusion: The Associational Rights of Undocumented Workers’, in Migrants at Work, Costello and Freedland (eds), Oxford University Press, forthcoming
  • 2013: ‘Slavery, Servitude, Forced and Compulsory Labour in the European Convention on Human Rights’, in The European Convention on Human Rights and the Employment Relation, Dorssemont, Lorcher, Schomann (eds), Hart Publishing, 143-159
  • 2013: ‘What Is to Be Done for Migrant Domestic Workers?’, in Labour Migration in Hard Times, Ryan (ed), Institute of Employment Rights, 141-156
  • 2013: ‘The Social and Labour Rights of Migrants in International Law’ (with Bernard Ryan), in Human Rights and Immigration, Rubio-Marin (ed), Oxford University Press, forthcoming
  • 2011: ‘Work and the European Convention on Human Rights: A Dynamic Relationship in Need of Justification’ in The European Convention on Human Rights: A Living and Dynamic Instrument Liber Amicorum in Honour of Judge Rozakis, Spielmann (ed), Bruylant, 377-397
  • 2010: ‘Is There a Human Right not to Be a Trade Union Member?’ in Human Rights at Work: Perspectives on Law and Regulation, Novitz and Fenwick (eds), Hart Publishing, 439-462
  • 2010: ‘The Council of Europe and the Protection of Human Rights: A System in Need of Reform’, (with Panayotis Voyatzis), in Research Handbook on International Human Rights Law, Joseph and McBeth (eds), Edward Elgar Publishing, 326-352

Policy Reports

  • 2011: ‘Study on Labour Inspection Sanctions and Remedies: The Case of the United Kingdom’, International Labour Organisation, Labour Administration and Inspection Programme, Geneva

Work in progress:

  • ‘Overseas and Diplomatic Domestic Workers in the UK under a Tied Visa'
  • ‘Organising Domestic Workers’ (with Einat Albin)
  • ‘Human Rights and the Contract of Employment’ (with Hugh Collins)

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PhD Supervision
Virginia Mantouvalou welcomes approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students. She is currently supervising:

  • Eleni Frantziou
  • Maria Kyprianou
  • Inga Thiemann


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