UCL Law Society

UCL Law Society


The UCL Law Society is the student-run body for undergraduates in the Faculty of Laws at UCL. The Law Society is one of most lively and interactive of all student societies at UCL, and prides itself on its diversity and originality.

The Law Society is comprised of students, elected by students, working with students, for students. It is responsible for a large number of non-academic student activities and opportunities. These range from an active calendar of excellent student-focused social events, such as the Freshers' Fortnight and Easter Ball, to a truly exceptional Careers programme, providing outstanding networking occasions with Magic Circle law firms, the very best of the bar, and an abundance of other first-class City career options.

We also run hugely successful mooting, debating and vocational programmes, with both internal and external competitions. Our reputation for mooting at UCL Laws is well-renowned, with a superb record of achievement in international competitions. Beyond this, we facilitate an ever-expanding range of extracurricular activities including Pro-bono work in the community, our Law-only sports teams and a high-quality student publication, Silk v Brief magazine.

For more information on the UCL Law Society, please visit http://www.ucllawsoc.co.uk/ or email our Secretary, Gemma Jones, at gemma.jones.10@ucl.ac.uk.

President, UCL Law Society


Mooting is the presentation of a legal problem before a ‘judge’. It aims to simulate a courtroom environment. Mooting generally calls upon your skills of public speaking, legal research, and presentation. It is an excellent opportunity for law students to develop these skills and also is a useful way to demonstrate them to prospective employers.


Debating is essentially the art of argument, a skill fundamental to the study of law. The ability to represent both sides of a case in a fluent, coherent and, above all, persuasive manner is key to debating. The public speaking and presentational skills gained make it an extremely useful extracurricular activity for anyone considering becoming a solicitor, barrister, or otherwise.


Client Interviewing is unlike any other competition offered by the UCL Faculty of Laws and has a real grounding in the practice of law. It involves you partnering with another undergraduate and interviewing a client with a fictitious legal problem. It will be your job to ask the right questions, receive the desired responses and offer them suitable legal advice. Not only will it help you develop those all important interpersonal skills that the law firms are looking for, it’s a tremendous amount of fun and requires absolutely no prior preparation! Just turn up and enjoy.


Negotiations is one of the most enjoyable competitions that we offer. Working together as a team of two, you will negotiate your way through employment contracts, business mergers and the such in an effort to ascertain the best deal for your client. No doubt it is demanding, but it is equally rewarding. Developing skills that are often required by firms, battling against your friends in a fluid environment and having a great time are only three of many reasons why you should get involved.

For further information please visit the UCL Faculty of Laws Law Society website.