UCL Law Society

UCL Law Society

The Student Law Society plays a vital role within the faculty, and is run by a committee elected annually by the student body. This society supplements academic activities by organising social and sporting functions during the year. It also provides a programme of talks by eminent academics and practitioners from outside UCL. It is in conjunction with the society that the faculty successfully maintains its strong links with the legal profession in London and elsewhere, and a thriving careers programme.

Members of the society assist in many ways in the extracurricular life of the faculty. They organise moots - simulated judicial proceedings - in which all students are encouraged to participate and which are usually judged by eminent members of the legal profession. They also help to organise a client-interviewing competition and a negotiation competition. Additionally, the society organises a substantial programme of careers talks and events.

Every effort is made at UCL to ensure that a friendly community exists. Within the faculty building there is a pleasant common room and a number of social and intellectual events are arranged throughout term for students.

Last, but definitely not least, the Law Society exists to represent student interests in the faculty. The society's elected officers and student representatives sit on the faculty's Staff/Student Consultative Committee and on the Faculty Board - the governing body of the Faculty of Laws. Student representatives liaise constantly with faculty officers over all matters of student concern.

Olga Thomas
Faculty Tutor