John Mair The CEL combines high octane academic thinking with the realities of the world. To my mind, this makes its value and output unusual, and possibly unique.
John Mair, Director, Head of Project Integrity, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
sponsor-heads-saprai.jpg The Centre shines a light on cutting edge ethical problems that confront the professions and industry, and offers a unique platform for academics and industry leaders to engage constructively with one another and unpack the issues at stake.
Dr Prince Saprai, Senior Lecturer in Laws, UCL
sponsor-heads-finklestein.jpg Engineering is a discipline concerned, ultimately, with changing the world. Those changes have ethical and legal implications that engineers must understand and navigate. The Centre for Ethics and Law provides a trans-disciplinary framework for exploring issues and fostering debate on important challenges. The Centre also reaches outwards to companies and other organisations who can contribute to our understanding. It is an example of the sort of initiative that UCL does best.
Professor Anthony Finkelstein, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, UCL
Richard Alderman I am proud to be a graduate of UCL's law faculty and honoured to be a member of CEL's advisory committee. Today's world of financial uncertainty and growing public demand for transparency and accountability in all aspects of public and business life, cries out for a centre like CEL.  CEL is already tackling some of the key issues emerging from today's crises and this website will help to open the debate wider and generate better solutions.
Richard Alderman, former Director of the Serious Fraud Office
sponsor-heads-wolff.jpg As a political philosopher it is rare to be able to discuss matters of policy with leading figures in the commercial sector. The Centre for Law and Ethics has provided this valuable opportunity.
Professor Jonathan Wolff, Professor of Philosophy, UCL

The Centre for Ethics and Law is also supported by the following people and organisations:

  • Philippa Foster Back, OBE Institute of Business Ethics (IBE)
  • David Barr, co-founder, CampbellBarr
  • Professor Dame Hazel Genn QC, Dean of the Faculty of Laws, UCL
  • Dr Marc Moore, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge
  • Richard Wiseman
  • Chris Campbell-Holt, MBR Legal in affiliation with Covington & Burling, Qatar

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