The UCL Centre for Ethics and Law has a broad focus. The academic supporters of the Centre have the following research interests in connection with the Centre.

Richard Moorhead

  • Professional Ethics
  • Professional Competence
  • Empirical perspectives on Professionalism
  • Behavioural Ethics

Sylvie Delacroix

  • Jurisprudence and legal theory
  • Ethics of risk
  • Expertise and ethics
  • Emerging technologies

Marc Moore

  • Anglo-American corporate law
  • Corporate governance and capital markets
  • Theory of the firm
  • Legitimacy of decision-making power

Prince Saprai

  • Contract Theory
  • Private Law Theory
  • Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
  • Moral and Legal Responsibility

Iris Chiu

  • Corporate governance and responsibility
  • The role and limits of regulation, regulatory theories and modelsĀ 
  • Financial Services Regulation

Anthony Finkelstein

  • Professional ethics,
  • Ethical issues raised by novel technologies,
  • Research ethics,
  • Ethics of work on defence systems

Jonathan Wolff

  • The ethics of risk
  • Risk, stress and disadvantage
  • Distributive justice and priority setting

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