Business and Human Rights

With pressure for the formalisation of human rights obligations on corporations coming from multiple sources, including legislators, this is a key time to be looking at business and human rights.  Contact: Maddalena Neglia, Iris Chiu and Barnali Choudhury.

Corporate governance, ethics and micro-states

We have been working on company law reform in micro-states with an emphasis on good corporate governance.  Contact: Iris Chiu, Martin Petrin and Anna Donovan.

Legal Ethics and the Professions

The ethical capacities of advocates; values, professionalism and moral outlook of neophyte lawyers; and a major project on ethical leadership for and by in-house lawyers are all current streams of work alongside a substantial engagement around improving legal services regulation.  Contact: Richard Moorhead and Stephen Mayson.

The Ethics of Social and Technological Innovation

This stream of work includes the ethics of nudge and behaviour change, incentives and tax avoidance (Chris Mills); ethical consumerism (Lucinda Miller); the ethics of consumer boycotts (Prince Saprai and Chris Mills) and an interest in in big data, privacy and ownership (Prince Saprai). 

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