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Legal Risk: Definitition, Management and Ethics by Professor Richard Moorhead (UCL Centre for Ethics and Law) and Dr Stephen Vaughan (University of Birmingham)

CELs launches Ethical Leadership Initiative for In-house Lawyers

The UCL Centre for Ethics and Law today published its report Legal Risk: Definition, Management and Ethics as the first stage in its Ethical Leadership Initiative for In-house lawyers. More...

Published: Apr 1, 2015 12:37:59 PM

The Law on Corporate Governance in Banks book jacket

The Law on Corporate Governance in Banks

A book on The Law of Corporate Governance in Banks has just been published as part of the Elgar Law and Finance Series. It is edited by Dr Iris Chiu and leading practitioner Michael McKee at DLA Piper. The book features contributions from a number of present and previous Centre members.  More...

Published: Mar 3, 2015 10:41:36 AM

Picking up ethical challenges in professional practice: can 3D avatars help?

Picking up ethical challenges in professional practice: can 3D avatars help?

Today’s growing pressure on professional schools to produce graduates ‘who not only think ethically but act ethically’, assumes that dealing appropriately with ethical challenges is first a matter of getting our moral sums right then resolutely implementing the results of such sums. More...

Published: Nov 27, 2014 3:41:48 PM

CEL Audience

CEL Director appointed to Harvard Fellowship at Edmond J. Safra Center

Richard Moorhead has been awarded an Edmond J. Safra Lab Fellow at Harvard University to work on the project 'Do Values and Professionalism Change During Law School?' which looks at the professionalism, values and ethical decision making of law students in the US and UK, with Maryam Kouchaki (North Western), Stephen Galoob (Tulsa) and Rachil Cahill-O’Callaghan (Cardiff).  The UK limb of the project is part-funded by the Legal Education Foundation. More...

Published: Sep 24, 2014 3:42:10 PM

Richard Moorhead

Moorhead tells leading practitioners, City lawyers are part of the precarious professionalism problem

Richard Moorhead gave an invited lecture to Law Society Council members and invited City leaders from the legal profession this week. He told them research evidence and a series of recent scandals pointed to the professions need to sharpen up its act on ethics and that even the leading firms had been tainted by difficulty. He also discussed how the cutting edge developments in legal services were increasingly being led from outside of law as a profession and a discipline and that this posed a major threat to lawyers and legal educators which required significant investment. More...

Published: Sep 22, 2014 5:42:47 PM

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