Jurisprudence @ UCL

Jurisprudence @ UCL

Colloquium in Legal and Social Philosophy

Since 1998 UCL has hosted a Colloquium in Legal and Social Philosophy which takes place during the Spring term. The Colloquium was founded by Professor Ronald Dworkin, formerly Quain Professor of Jurisprudence. It is currently chaired by Professor John Tasioulas. The Colloquium brings together expertise in legal and political philosophy from around UCL and beyond. It features leading legal, political, and moral philosophers who discuss work in progress. Speakers over the years have included philosophers whose work has had a major impact in contemporary philosophy, such as Simon Blackburn, GA Cohen, John Finnis, Rainer Forst, Samuel Freeman, Charles Fried, Frances Kamm, Christine Korsgaard, Onora O'Neill, Joseph Raz, Samuel Scheffler, Amartya Sen, Bernard Williams, and many others.

Colloquium sessions begin at 4.00 pm and continue until 7.00 pm. They are held at the UCL Faculty of Laws, Bentham House, Endsleigh Gardens, London WC1H 0EG (View a map <http://www.ucl.ac.uk/laws/location/>)

Wednesday 22nd January
A principle of Contractarian Justice
Speaker: Professor Albert Weale (UCL)
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Wednesday 29th January
Fidelity in Law's Commonwealth
Speaker: Professor Gerald Postema (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill/University of Cambridge)

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Wednesday 5th February
Justice in immigration
Speaker: Professor David Miller (University of Oxford)

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Wednesday 5th March
Reasonableness and the Reasonable Person Standard in criminal law
Speaker: Professor Marcia Baron (University of St. Andrew's)
Wednesday 19th March
Justice and feasibility
Speaker: Professor Norman Daniels (Harvard University)
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Friday 2nd May
From personal life to private law
Speaker: Professor John Gardner (University of Oxford)
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friedWednesday 23rd January
The ambitions of 'Contract as Promise': Thirty years on
Speaker: Prof. Charles Fried (Harvard University)

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frickerWednesday 30th January
What's the point of blame?
Speaker: Prof. Miranda Fricker (Sheffield University)

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Wednesday 6th February
Is Dignity the foundation of Human Rights?
Speaker: Prof. Jeremy Waldron (Oxford Universty/NYU)

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letsasWednesday 27th February
Proportionality: Diagnostic, not Constitutive
Speaker: Dr George Letsas (UCL)

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Wednesday 13th March
Giving Desert its Due
Speaker: Prof. T. M. Scanlon (Harvard University)

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Friday 26th April
The normativity of law
Speaker: Prof. Joseph Raz (Columbia)

This colloquium session will be a discussion of Professor Joseph Raz's Quain lectures which will be delivered on 22, 23 and 25 April.
A discussion of Professor Philip Pettit's Quain Lecture on 'Legitimacy and Justice' which will be delivered on 20 March
Speaker: Prof. Philip Pettit (Princeton University)
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The Concept of Public Law
Speaker: Prof. Peter Cane (Australian National University / University of Cambridge)
Supererogation and Virtue
Speaker: Prof Roger Crisp (University of Oxford)
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The Afterlife
Speaker: Prof. Samuel Scheffler (New York University)

Egalitarian Theories of Religious Freedom
Speaker: Prof. Cecile Laborde (UCL)
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The Rule of Recognition as Customary Law
Speaker: Dr Grant Lamond (University of Oxford)
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Describing Law's Foundations
Speaker: Professor John Finnis (Oxford)
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Consent, Trust and Mediated Communication
Speaker: Baroness Onora O'Neill (Cambridge)
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The Idea of Cosmopolitan Constitutionalism
Speaker: Professor Mattias Kumm (NYU and Social Science Research Center and Humboldt University, Berlin)
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Transnational Justice, Democracy and Human Rights
Speaker: Professor Rainer Forst (Frankfurt)
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Some problems with consequentialist arguments for moral rights
Speaker: Professor Samuel Freeman (Pennsylvania)
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Justice for Hedgehogs - chs.9, 10 and 11
Speaker: Professor Ronald Dworkin
Freedom and the Rule of Law
Speaker: Matthew Kramer (Cambridge)
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Memorial event to G A Cohen
Speaker: Professor Jonathan Wolf ("Cohen on Marx"), Professor Michael Otsuka ("Cohen on Nozick"), Professor Ronald Dworkin ("Cohen on Dworkin"), Dr Saladin Meckled-Garcia ("Cohen on Rawls"); Chair: Dr George Letsas.

Rawls, Cohen, Mill, and the Egalitarian Trilemma
Speaker: Paula Casal (Barcelona)
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On Unwritten Constitutions
Speaker: Jon Elster (Paris / New York)
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On Discrimination co-hosted by the UCL Institute for Human Rights
Speaker: Sophia Reibetanz Moreau (Toronto)
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Using Non-Combatants as Shields
Speaker: Cecile Fabre (Edinburgh)
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Regulation Through Observation: The Curious Incident of the Camera in the Kitchen
Speaker: Edna Ullmann-Margalit (Hebrew University)
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Justice and Social Choice
Speaker: Amartya Sen (Harvard)
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Underivative Duty: Prichard on Moral Obligation
Speaker: Tom Hurka (Toronto)
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Hobbes's Republican Legal Theory
Speaker: David Dyzenhaus (Toronto)
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Taking Rights out of Human Rights
Speaker: John Tasioulas (Oxford)
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A Defence of Categorical Reasons
Speaker: Russ Shafer-Landau (Wisconsin-Madison)
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Responsibility Without Freedom
Speaker: Ronald Dworkin (NYU)
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Social Catergories, Social Structure and Ideology Critique
Speaker: Sally Haslanger (MIT)
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Why not Socialism?
Speaker: G. A. Cohen (Oxford)
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Human Rights Without Foundation
Speaker: Joseph Raz (Oxford)
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Professor Christine Korsgaard
Harvard University
Speaking on: Natural Motives and the Motive of Duty: Hume and Kant on our Duties to Others
Professor Jonathan Wolff
University College of London
Speaking on: The Regulation of 'Recreational Drugs'
Professor Andrew Williams
Warwick University
Speaking on: Justice and Constructivism
Professor Frederick Schauer
Harvard University
Speaking on: Is There a Concept of Law?
Professor Will Kymlicka
Queen's University
Speaking on: The Global Diffusion of Minority and Indigenous Rights
Nicos Stavropoulos
Oxford University
Speaking on: Why Principles?