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Publishing and Scholarship

Book series in judicial studies

The Judicial Institute is establishing a new book series devoted to scholarly writings in judicial studies, to be published by a leading legal publisher in the UK. This will include monographs on key issues related to judges and courts, judicial biographies, and edited volumes.

Judicial Papers Archive

The Judicial Institute has established the first Judicial Papers Archive in this country, enabling future scholarship on today's judiciary.

Judicial Sabbaticals

The Judicial Institute is able to provide a structured way for judges to have a sabbatical break, to participate in the judicial studies programme at UCL Laws and to contribute to the development of scholarship on the judiciary.

judging civil justice power of judges


Civil Justice

Genn, H. Judging Civil Justice Cambridge University Press (2009)

Genn, H. and A Paterson, Paths to Justice Scotland: What people in Scotland think and do about going to Law (2001)

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Judicial Diversity

Genn, H. The Attractiveness of Senior Judicial Appointment to Highly Qualified Practitioners, Report to the Judicial Executive Board (December 2008)

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