UCL Judicial Institute

People and Expertise at the UCL JI

The UCL JI Directors

Professor Dame Hazel Genn

Professor Genn is an internationally renowned scholar on civil justice, inaugural Commissioner of the Judicial Appointments Commission, member of the Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity, and has worked closely with the Judicial Studies Board for over a decade.

Professor Cheryl Thomas

Professor Thomas is the UK’s first Professor of Judicial Studies, the country’s leading expert on juries, a specialist in judicial decision-making and diversity, and has served as a consultant on judicial affairs to the Ministry of Justice, JSB, HMCPSi, Council of Europe among others.

UCL JI Advisory Board

Lord Carnwath, Justice of the United Kingdom Supreme Court
Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls of England and Wales
Lady Hale, Justice of the United Kingdom Supreme Court
Lord Justice Goldring, Court of Appeal
Lord Justice Jackson, Court of Appeal
Lord Justice MacFarlane, Court of Appeal
Sir Stephen Sedley, Court of Appeal (retired)
Judge Antoine Garapon, Secretary-General, Institut des Haute Etudes sur la Justice
Professor Judith Resnik, Arthur Liman Professor of Law, Yale Law University
Professor Richard Susskind, President of the Society for Computers and Law
Alexandra Marks, Retired Partner, Linklaters LLP, Recorder

UCL Members of the Judicial Institute

Sir Anthony Hooper, UCL JI Judicial Fellow
Dr. John Sorabji, UCL JI Fellow
Dr. Nigel Balmer (UCL Laws, Centre for Empirical Legal Studies)
Dr. Geoff Bird (UCL Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience)
Dr. Basak Cali (UCL Department of Political Science, School of Public Policy)
Dr. Roxanna Ferllini (UCL Institute of Archaeology)
Dr. David Lagnado (UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences)
Dr. Ruth Morgan (UCL Security and Crime Science, Director of the UCL Centre for Forensic Sciences)
Professor Pascoe Pleasence (UCL Laws, Director of the UCL Centre for Empirical Legal Studies)

Visiting Fellows

Professor Dennis Curtis (Yale University School of Law)
Dr. Harold Epinuese (World Bank, Counsel for Justice Reform and Deputy Director, Institute des Haute Etudes de Justice)
Professor Carlo Guarnieri (Department of Political Science, University of Bologna)
Professor Daniela Piana (Department of Political Science, University of Bologna)