Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

CPD Course: Technology and Intellectual Property Law

About this course:

This course aims to provide students with a detailed understanding of patent law and practice in the UK, and also covers select aspects of trade secrecy law where appropriate. The course examines the system for the registration of a UK patent, dealing with issues of procedure, patentability and entitlement as well as issues of infringement, defences and the determination of patent scope. By the end of this course you will have:

  • A detailed understanding of the application of intellectual property laws to emerging technologies.
  • A critical awareness of the problems raised by emerging technologies for intellectual property law, and potential solutions.
  • The ability to critically analyse and interpret all relevant legislation, the relevant case law of the UK courts and the decisions of the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office, and academic literature in the field.

This course is held on Thursdays from 4-6pm
Taught by Dr Matt Fisher (UCL) and Tanya Aplin (KCL)


Course Schedule

Aims and scope of the course. A brief history of the patent system and consideration
of some of the theories advanced to justify its existence. Sources of law and an introduction to the main players in the system.
Patenting process & strategy
Patent documentation and process of obtaining a patent. Entitlement and employee inventions. Strategic considerations, portfoilio building.
State of the art. Enabling disclosure. New uses of known things
Inventive step & sufficiency
Skilled addressee - who they are and what they know. Inventive step in the UK. The EPO's problem & solution approach. Sufficiency and support.
Patentable subject matter I
Excluded subject-matter. Software & business method inventions
Patentable subject matter II
Biotechnological & medical inventions. Morality. Industrial application.
Patent infringement I
Patent infringement II
Infringing acts & exceptions
Enforcement, litigation & licensing
Strategic considerations: standing; declarations of non-infringement; threats; revocation. Forum. Remedies. Licences. SPCs.
Confidential information
Overview. Elements of the Action. Third parties; strangers, employees. Springboard doctrine. Defences. Remedies

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