Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

Credit value: 15 credits (6 ECTS)
Module Convenor:
Mr John Hull
Other Teachers:
Professor David Llewelyn, King’s College London (KCL)
Mr Mark Anderson (Anderson Law, LLP)


The aim of this module is to give students an understanding of the application of intellectual property law in the commercial environment, including licensing, joint ventures and franchising.

At the end of the module students will be enabled to demonstrate the following:

  • A systematic understanding of the various mechanisms for the commercialisation of intellectual property rights, including licencing, joint ventures and franchising.
  • A critical awareness of the legal, structural and commercial difficulties arising from the commercialisation of intellectual property rights.
  • The ability to critically analyse and interpret the relevant legislation, the case law and legal documentation as well as academic literature in the field.


  • Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Types of Dealings in IP (including franchising, assignment and Licensing)
  • Dealings in Copyright
  • Dealings in Trade Marks
  • Dealings in Patents
  • Dealings in Know-how and Trade Secrets
  • Dealings in Designs
  • IP Issues in Corporate Transactions (including due diligence, auditing)
  • Software Licensing
  • IP on the Internet
  • IP Valuation and Securitization
  • Antitrust, Free Movement and IP
  • Enforcement of IP (including litigation, mediation, remedies)

Background Reading (optional):

Students may wish to familiarise themselves with the different forms of intellectual property law by reading the introductory chapter(s) of any reputable IP textbook.

Jacob, Alexander & Fisher, Guidebook to Intellectual Property, (Hart Publishing, 2013) provides a good overview of IP and could be used as an introductory guide.

Module reading lists and other module materials will be provided via online module pages, once students have made their module selections upon enrolment in September.

Delivery and enrolment
Lectures/Seminars: 11 x 2-hour seminars

Please note: as this module is jointly taught with King's College London, it will run during reading weeks (see term dates)
Tutorials: Yes
Previous module enrolments: Large – 51-100 students
Who may enrol: LLM students
Prerequisities: None
Barred module combinations: None
Core Module for LLM specialism: Intellectual Property Law, International Commercial Law
Final Assessment: 2-hour unseen written examination
Practice Assessment: To be confirmed
Other Information
Intercollegiate Teaching: This module is jointly taught with King’s College London.

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