Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

Institute of Brand and Innovation Law

MA (Cantab), BCL (Oxon), PhD (Cantab)
Visiting Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law

Email: c.stothers@ucl.ac.uk

Christopher has taught at UCL since April 2007. He previously taught at Downing and St Catharine's Colleges, Cambridge and St Catherine's College, Oxford. He is a Partner at Arnold & Porter (UK) LLP in London, in the intellectual property litigation group.

Christopher's main areas of research are in intellectual property law (especially patents and trade marks), competition law, EC law and their interface. He has a particular interest in parallel trade and the essential facilities doctrine.

Recent publications

  • IP chapter of 'Oliver on Free Movement of Goods in the European Union' (Hart Publishing 2010)
  • 'ECJ rules on GSK's 'dual pricing' of pharmaceuticals in Spain' [2010] JECLAP
  • 'ECJ upholds 'compulsory licences' of Green Dot trade mark' [2009] JIPLP 854-85
  • 'Copyright and the EC Treaty: music, films and football' [2009] EIPR 272-282
  • 'Restricting pharma supplies and abuse of dominant position' [2008] JIPLP 434-438
  • 'Counterfeit pharmaceuticals enter the parallel supply chain' [2007] JIPLP 797-798
  • 'CFI upholds 'compulsory licences' of Green Dot trade mark' [2007] JIPLP 653-654
  • 'Parallel Trade in Europe: Intellectual Property, Competition and Regulatory Law' (Hart Publishing, 2007)
  • 'Dealing with parallel trade' [2007] World Trademark Report Yearbook 11-16
  • 'Parallel Trade and Free Trade Agreements' [2006] JIPLP 578-592
  • 'Who needs intellectual property? Competition law and restrictions on parallel trade within the European Economic Area' [2005] EIPR 458-466
  • 'Nokia v InterDigital: Nothing New Under the Sun?' (2005) 19(9) WIPR 22

Recent conferences

  • January 2010
    'Competition law – Distribution agreements and selective distribution' (roundtable), University College London / Office of Fair Trading, Brand Protection and Competition, London
  • December 2009
    'Grey Market Goods and Parallel Imports', WIPO – Italy International Convention on Intellectual Property and Competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises, Rome
  • October 2009
    ‘Exclusive Territories and Parallel Trade’ (roundtable), University College London, Vertical Restraints in EC Competition Law, London
  • September 2009
    • 'Selective Distribution Networks and the Copad case' (with Stephanie Hutchinson), Central Law Training, Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry, London September 2009
    • 'Copyright and the EC Treaty: music, films and football', Society of Legal Scholars, Annual Conference, Keele September 2009
    • 'Parallel trade and counterfeiting', Visiongain, 4th Conference on Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Strategies, London,
  • May 2009
    'Antitrust Rules and Parallel Imports', Academy of European Law, European Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights, Trier
  • April 2009
    'Is competition law the wrong prescription for the pharmaceutical sector?', Fordham Intellectual Property Law Institute, 17th Annual
    Conference on IP Law and Policy, Cambridge
  • February 2009
    'Parallel Trade: Problems and Solutions', SMi, 3rd Annual Conference on Intellectual Property Law, London
  • January 2009
    'Copyright meets Competition Law', CLT, Annual Intellectual Property Conference 2009, London
  • November 2008
    'Trade Marks in the Pharmaceutical Industry', Academy of European Law, OHIM Conferences on Intellectual Property Issues, Alicante
  • September 2008
    'Distribution Strategies and Pitfalls', CLT, Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry, London
  • July 2008
    'Parallel trade and counterfeit pharmaceuticals', Visiongain, 3rd Conference on Pharmaceutical Anti Counterfeiting Strategies, London,
  • May 2008
    'Developments/Update on EU Competition Law', AIPLA, Spring Meeting, Houston
  • March 2008
    'Patent Exhaustion: A Comparative Analysis' and 'Parallel Imports', Fordham University, 16th Conference on IP Law and Policy, New York.
  • March 2008
    'Intellectual Property, Competition and Parallel Trade', Edinburgh University.
  • February 2008
    'Strategies in Access', Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute, Inaugural Conference, London
  • October 2007
    'No-Challenge Clauses', AIPLA, Annual Meeting, Washington DC.
  • April 2007
    'IP and Competition Policy on Parallel Trade', Fordham University, 15th Conference on International IP Law and Policy, New York

Current Teaching
Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Law
Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: The Regulation of Innovation

Christopher welcomes approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students in his fields of research.

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