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Ioannis Lianos  

LL.M.(D.E.A.) European Union law (1997); Ph.D-Doctorate in Law (2004), Univ. Strasbourg LL.M. Trade Regulation (2003), NYU Law; PhD prob. in Sociology (Emmanuel, Cantab);
Qualified Advocate ( Athens ) & ( Paris , n. p.), Lauréat, French Academy of Social Sciences.
Professor in Competition Law and Economics

Director, Centre for Law, Economics & Society
Co-Director, Institute of Global Law
Associate Executive Director, Jevons Institute of Competition Law and Economics

contact details:
Email: i.lianos@ucl.ac.uk
+44 (0)20 7679 1028 | internal: x21028


Ioannis joined UCL in September 2005 and was promoted to Professor in 2014. Since September 2004, he has been a visiting Professor in competition and intellectual property law at the Centre for International Industrial Property Studies (CEIPI) of the University of Strasbourg . He was an Emile Noel Fellow at the Jean Monnet Centre at New York University School of Law in 2008-2009 where he worked on a funded project exploring issues of economic evidence and expertise in antitrust litigation in Europe and in the United States . Ioannis has also conducted funded research as a fellow of the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg , Germany . He was a visiting scholar at the University of California , Berkeley in 2006. He has also lectured in various areas of European law and competition law at the University of Strasbourg in France and has held visiting appointments in competition and regulatory law at the University Paul Cézanne ( Aix-en Provence /Marseille) and the Centre for European Studies of the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA). Besides academia, Ioannis has working experience at the European Court of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission ( New York office) and is a qualified advocate at the Athens and Paris bars. He is a recipient of numerous awards, grants and scholarships.

Ioannis contributes widely to the global discussion in the area of competition law and policy. He is a Non-Governmental Advisor (NGA) at the International Competition Network (ICN), a Research partner with UNCTAD in Geneva and has also contributed to European Commission's consultations on damages. He has been elected a member of the international advisory board of the American Antitrust Institute in 2010 ( http://www.antitrustinstitute.org/Archives/lianos_joins_board.ashx ) .

He is also the co- General Editor of the Global Competition Law and Economics Series, established by Stanford University Press, in June 2010. He is the chairman of the Editorial Board of Competition Bulletin, Paris: http://www.concurrences.com , the co-chairman of the advisory board of Antitrust Encyclopaedia, a Senior Editor of the Antitrust Chronicle, Boston, MA, USA (CPI), a member of the advisory board of Global Antitrust Review, London (GAR) and the chairman and executive director of the Institute of Competition Law Studies (IMEDIPA), Athens, Greece: http://www.imedipa.com

Ioannis has organized and conducted training for judges in competition law and economics in London , Toulouse , Lisbon and Athens and has also organized international conferences on various aspects of competition law and policy at UCL and beyond.

His primary research interest lies in comparative (EU, UK, French, US) competition law, international competition law, European Union law (internal market, external relations), comparative administrative and regulatory law (public-private partnerships, public utilities law, judicial review of economic regulation), law and economics, empirical legal studies and economic sociology.

His current work focuses on the emergence of forensic economics as an autonomous field and their impact on the evolution of economic science and on the law of evidence, more generally on economic evidence and expertise in the courts in the areas of competition law and IP law, innovation policy and the law (competition law in dynamic industries, IP rights), the law and economics of litigation in competition law, the law and economics of regulation (cost-benefit analysis/impact assessment, public private partnerships, judicial review of regulatory action), economic development and institutions, European integration theory. He has been the initiator and organizer of an international workshop on “trust/distrust and economic integration: the example of the European Internal Market” (recipient of a Modern Law Review conference grant) held at UCL and Cambridge , which advances an innovative perspective on European integration and more broadly all projects of economic integration.

His book on “The transformation of competition law by economic analysis of law” (in French) (Bruylant/Sakkoulas) has been awarded two national prizes: (1) the Emile Girardeau prize of the French Academy of Social Sciences ( Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques ), a PhD prize compensating a work on the relation between economics and other social sciences and (2) a PhD prize from the French Institute of Competition Law (Concurrences) in 2005 (second prize).

Ioannis maintains a personal website at academia.edu. http://ucl.academia.edu/IoannisLianos and at the SSRN http://ucl.academia.edu/IoannisLianos

Selective Publications


  • Ioannis Lianos, La Transformation du droit de la concurrence par le recours à l'analyse économique , Bruylant/Sakkoulas, Brussels/Athens, 05/2007, XIX+1698 pp. ISBN :   2-8027-2303-0 (prize-winning book : Emile Girardeau prize, French Academy of Social Sciences ; French Institute of Competition law prize (second) prize) Selected Book reviews : D. Waelbroeck, 30(3) World Competition 533 (2007); A.L. Sibony, 3 Concurrences 197-200 (2007); A. Komninos, CMLRev. (2008)
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Ioannis Kokkoris (contributing editors), The Reform of Greek and EC Competition Law (in Greek), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens , 2008, V+452 pp. ISBN : 978-960-272-559-7
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Ioannis Kokkoris) (contributing editors), The Reform of EC Competition Law: New challenges , Kluwer International, The Hague, December 2009, xxxviii+578 pp, ISBN 904-112-692-9 .
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with okeoghene Odudu, contributing editor), Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration , Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2010
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Valentine Korah, co-author ), Cases and Materials in EU and UK Competition Law, Oxford , Hart Pub., forthcoming 2011
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Diamond Ashiagbor & Nicola Countouris , contributing editors), The EU After the Lisbon Treaty , Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011.
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Daniel Sokol , contributing editors), The Limits of Competition law: A Global Perspective , Stanford University Press, forthcoming May 2011
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Antonio Capobianco, Assimakis Komninos, Ioannis Kokkoris), Competition Law Remedies , forthcoming, Hart Publishing, Oxford , 2011, 495 pp
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Paolisa Nebbia ), Private Enforcement of Competition Law in Europe: a Global perspective , Oxford : Oxford University Press, forthcoming 2011
  • Ioannis Lianos ( with Damien Geradin), (contributing editor), Research Handbook in European Competition Law, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2011

Chapters in books

  • Ioannis Lianos, Is the availability of “appropriate” remedies a limit to competition law liability under Article 102 TFEU? The mishiefs of “discretionary remedialism” in competition law , in F. Etro & I. Kokkoris (ed.), Competition Law and the Enforcement of Article 82 , Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2010, pp. 165-202.
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Nicholas Economides), The Quest for Appropriate Remedies in the Microsoft Antitrust EU Cases: A Comparative Appraisal, in L. Rubini (ed.), Microsoft on Trial : Legal and Economic Analysis of a Transatlantic Antitrust Case, Edward Elgar, 2010, pp. 393-463
  • Ioannis Lianos, “Judging Economists”: Economic expertise in competition litigation: a European view, in Ioannis Lianos & Ioannis Kokkoris (ed.), Towards an Optimal Competition law System , Kluwer International, The Hague , 2009, pp. 185-320
  • Ioannis Lianos, Transplants économiques en droit communautaire et le paradigme de la traduction : une approche paradigmatique, in Antoine Bayeux, Yves Cartuyvels, Hugues Dumont & François Ost, Traduction et Droits Européens : Enjeux d'une Rencontre Publications des Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussels, 2009, pp. 355-385.
  • Ioannis Lianos, Categorical thinking in competition law and the“effects-based” approach in Article 82 EC , in Ariel Ezrachi (ed.), Article 82 EC – Reflections on its recent evolution (Oxford: Hart Pub. 2009), pp. 19-49.
  • Ioannis Lianos, The application of competition law to dual distribution agreements : a comparative perspective, in Ariel Ezrachi & Ulf Bernitz (ed.), Private Labels, Brands and Competition policy ( Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2008), Chapter 8, pp. 161-186.
  • Ioannis Lianos, ?a????µ?s? ?ata???se?? ?esp????sa? T?s?? ?at? t?? ?????a t?? ?????? 82 ??: ??a ???t??? ???s????s? (Classification of abuses in Article 82 EC: a Critical assessment), in The Reform of Greek and EC Competition Law (in Greek), Nomiki Bibliothiki, Athens , 2008, 173-214.
  • Ioannis Lianos, “Politique Commerciale Commune” and “Politique Etrangère et de Sécurité Commune”, in Commentaire article par article des Traités d'Amsterdam et de Nice , (ed.) V. Constantinesco, Y. Gautier & D. Simon, Economica, 2007, pp. 50-93, 491-513.
  • Ioannis Lianos, “La Banque Centrale Européenne et Organes consultatifs”, in Le Traité Constitutionnel, (éd.) V. Constantinesco, Y. Gautier, PUS, 2005, pp. 181-191.
  • Ioannis Lianos & Y. Gautier, “Le Traité de Nice et Politique Commerciale Commune des CE”, in Le Traité de Nice: Premières analyses , (ed.) V. Constantinesco, D. Simon and Y. Gautier, Presses Universitaires de Strasbourg, 2001, pp. 173-207.
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Johannes Leblanc), Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration : Sketching the theory, in Ioannis Lianos & okeoghene Odudu , Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration , Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011, 22 pp.
  • Ioannis Lianos, Competition law in the European Union after the Lisbon Treaty, in Diamond Ashiagbor, Nicola Countouris & Ioannis Lianos , The EU After the Lisbon Treaty , Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011, 14 pp
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Damien Gerard), Shifting narratives in European economic integration: services, pluralism and mutual trust, in Ioannis Lianos & okeoghene Odudu , Regulating Trade in Services in the EU and the WTO: Trust, Distrust and Economic Integration , Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2011, 28 pp
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Antonio Capobianco), Remedies, in Ioannis Lianos & Damien Geradin, Research Handbook in European Competition Law, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2011, 35 pp.
  • Ioannis Lianos, Evidence in Competition Law Proceedings, in Ioannis Lianos & Damien Geradin, Research Handbook in European Competition Law, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2011, 42 pp.


  • Ioannis Lianos, Les implicancias de una teoria regulatoria de la propriedad intelectual (PI) para el derecho de la libre competencia: vision desde Europa, (2010) 75 Revista de Derecho Economico pp. 203-283
  • Ioannis Lianos, Shifting Narratives in the European Internal Market: Efficient Restrictions of Trade and the Nature of “Economic” Integration, (2010) European Business Law Review 705-760.
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Nicholas Economides), A Critical Appraisal of Remedies in the EU Antitrust Microsoft Cases , 2010 (2) Columbia Business Law Review 346-420
  • Ioannis Lianos, “Lost in translation?” Towards a theory of economic transplants, Current Legal Problems (CLP), 2009, pp. 346-404.
  • Ioannis Lianos (with Nicholas Economides), The elusive antitrust standard on bundling in Europe and in the United States at the aftermath of the Microsoft case, 76 Antitrust Law Journal No. 2 (2009). 483-567
  • Ioannis Lianos, The price/non price distinction in exclusionary abuses under Article 82 EC: a critical appraisal, (2009) Concurrences 34-39.
  • Ioannis Lianos, Some reflections on the “vertical restraints” antitrust category, (2008) 4 Concurrences 17-27.
  • Ioannis Lianos, Collusion in Vertical Relations under Article 81(1), (2008) 45(4) Common Market Law Review 1027-1077
  • Ioannis Lianos, Commercial Agency Agreements, Vertical restraints and the Limits of Article 81(1): Between Hierarchies and Networks 3(4) Journal of Competition Law and Economics 625-672 (2007).
  • Ioannis Lianos, The Contribution of the United Nations to Global Antitrust, 15 Tulane Journal of International and Comparative Law 415-463 (2007).
  • Ioannis Lianos, Competition Law and Intellectual Property Rights: Is the Property Rights' Approach Right? Chapter 8 in Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies . John Bell & Claire Kilpatrick (ed.), Oxford : Hart Publishing, 2006, 153-186.
  • Ioannis Lianos, The Introduction of Public Private Partnerships in Greece , 1 European Public Private Partnerships Law Review (2006) 50-54
  • Ioannis Lianos, La “confusion des infractions” de l'article 81§1: quelques interrogations sur l'utilité de la notion d'infraction unique, Revue Trimestrielle de Droit européen , 2000, pp. 239-271.


  • Ioannis Lianos & Arianna Andreangelli, Competition Law enforcement and Governance in Europe : A Comparative Institutions Analysis , Global Administrative Law (GAL) Project, NYU Law School , 2010, 83 pp.
  • Christophe Humpe, Ioannis Lianos, Nicolas Petit and Bernard van der Walle de Gelcke, Report on the DIRECTLY APPLICABLE EXCEPTION SYSTEM AND the direct applicability of article 81(3) EC: POSITIVE ENFORCEMENT AND LEGAL CERTAINTY, Global Competition Law Centre, College of Europe, 55 pp. Published by Bruylant, Brussels.


Working papers/imminent publications

  • Ioannis Lianos & Javier Tapia, Generalist Judges, Specialized Tribunals, Sector Specific Regulators and Competition Authorities: Close Encounters of the Third Kind, CLGE Working Paper, forthcoming December 2010, 58 pp.

Selected Recent talks (since January 2007)

  • “ Cost-benefit analysis and article 81.3 EC ”, Oxford University , Centre for Competition Law and Policy, Oxford , February 8, 2007 (invited speaker)
  • “Optimal Test for Strategic Antitrust Sham Litigation” (with Jun Zhou), Centre for Law and Economics, University of Amsterdam , March 16, 2007
  • “Economic evidence in competition litigation”, Athens University of Economics and Business, Athens , June 1, 2007 (co-organizer of the conference)
  • “Economic expertise in courts: the case of competition law”, University of Warwick , Warwick , April 2008 (invited speaker)
  • “ Classification of abuses in Article 82 EC: a straight story? ” , Oxford University , Centre for Competition Law and Policy, Oxford , May 8, 2008 (invited speaker)
  • “The vertical/horizontal dichotomy in competition law: some reflections”, University of Paris II , Paris , 23 May 2008 (co-organizer of the conference)
  • “The transformation of energy regulation in Europe: implications for competition law”, Istanbul Bilgi University , September 5, 2008 (co-organizer of the conference)
  • “Cost benefit analysis/impact assessment and the transformation of regulation in Europe”, Jean Monnet Center , NYU Law, New York , November 16, 2008 (invited speaker)
  • “The paradigm of interpretation in the case law of the European Court of Justice on Internal Market: economic transplants as accidents of interpretation?”, University of Brussels-Saint Louis, Celebrations for the 150 years of the establishment of the University of Brussels, March 12 2008 (invited speaker, in French)
  • “Trust, distrust and eocnomic integration: a new approach”, University of Cambridge , CELS, January 2009 (co-organizer of the conference)
  • “Lost in Translation? Towards a Theory of Economic Transplants”, CLP Lecture, University College London, March 24, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “Economic regulation in Europe: new governance techiques”, University of Liverpool , June 26, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “Economic expertise in courts: a European view”, University of East Anglia , ESRC Centre for Competition Policy, September 25, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “Vertical collusion, hub and spole, RPM and category amnagement”, British Institute of Comparative and International Law (BIICL), October 15, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “Confusopoly and behavioral law and economics: between consumer protection and competition law”, Como Antitrust Summit, LECG, October 21-23, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “The Services Directive and the reformation of European Internal Market Law”, European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), Barcelona , October 27, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “The effectiveness of competition law remedies: a critical appraisal”, University of Chile , Santiago , December 15-16, 2009 (invited speaker)
  • “The contribution of the United Nations to the emrgence of global antitrust”, Workshop on the Contribution of the United Nations to global antitrust, UNCTAD, Geneva , January 25, 2010 (invited speaker)
  • “Quantification of damages in IP cases: lessons for antitrust”, Workshop of economic experts on the quantification of antitrust harm, DG Competition, European Commission, January 26, 2010 (invited speaker)
  • “Generalist Judges, Specialized Tribunals, Sector Specific Regulators and Competition Authorities: Close Encounters of the Third Kind », Next Generation Antitrust Conference, American Bar Association, NYU law, New York, January 29, 2010 (invited speaker)
  • “Resale Price Maintenance: a European view”, American Bar Association, Antitrust Division, Spring Meeting, Washington DC, April 21-22, 2010 (invited speaker)
  • “The assessment of economic evidence : an academic perspective”, European Association of Competition Law Judges, Annual Conference, May 21, 2010 (invited speaker)
  • “IP as a form of regulation: implications for the biotechnology sector”, University of Michigan Law School, Ann Arbor , October 22, 2010 (invited speaker)

Current Teaching

Subject group convenor for Competition law and law and economics


EU Law
Competition Law (convenor)


•  International and Comparative Competition Law and Policy (convenor)
•  Competition Law Enforcement in a Global Context (convenor)
•  Competition Law and Intellectual property Rights: The Regulation of Innovation (convenor)
•  Law and Economics of Regulated Industries: between Competition and Regulation (convenor)
•  Law and Economics of Regulated Markets
•  European Competition Laws: Enforcement and Comparative Issues (convenor)
•  Competition Law and the State in Europe (convenor)
•  European Internal Market
•  Theory and History of Competition Law (convenor)

PhD Supervision

Dr Lianos welcomes approaches from prospective PhD students in competition law and policy. He is currently supervising:
•  Mr Thomas Ricard
•  Ms Deni Mantzari
•  Mr Paolo Siciliani
•  Ms Azza Raslan
•  Ms Florence Thepot
•  Mr. Matthew Slader



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