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LLB Law with Hispanic Law (M144)

This four-year LLB programme (M144) leads to the award of a Bachelor of Laws honours degree from University College London together with a Certificate in Hispanic Law. Students spend the third year at a Spanish University.

Students are responsible for maintaining (or if necessary improving) their Spanish language skills in order to meet the academic demands of the degree. They are not normally allowed to transfer to another LLB programme at UCL.

Years 1, 2, and 4 of the programme are taken at UCL and are similar to years 1, 2, and 3 of the three-year LLB programme (M100).

Year 1
Contract Law
Criminal Law
Property Law I
Public Law
European Legal Studies (Spanish) I

In year 1, M144 and M100 students take the same subjects, including a short introduction to legal method at the beginning of the year. M144 students also receive a year-long introduction to Spanish law, legal institutions, and legal terminology, taught in Spanish.

Year 2
European Legal Studies (Spanish) II
European Union and Human Rights Law
Property Law II
Tort Law

In year 2, M144 and M100 students again take the same subjects except that M144 students take European Legal Studies (Spanish) II instead of Jurisprudence and Legal Theory.

Year 3
Study in Spain (see below)

Year 4
Four options

The options are the same as those available to students in year 3 of the LLB (M100), except that M144 students may take Jurisprudence and Legal Theory (which is compulsory for M100 students in year 2) as one of their options in year 4.

Study in Spain
Students spend the third year abroad studying at one of UCL’s partner universities in Spain. Our current partners are University Carlos III (in Madrid), and University of Girona (near Barcelona). Students are assigned to a Spanish university. Requests for assignment to a particular university will be considered.

During the year in Spain, students have a personal tutor responsible for their academic and social welfare at the Spanish university. The tutor helps students choose their subjects and approves their choices. The typical course of study consists of:

Civil / Private Law (two semesters)
Public Law (two semesters)
One full-year option or two one-semester options in Spanish Law

Assessment is based on written examinations.
Some university accommodation is available.

Prior to Departure
In year 2, students are provided with information to prepare for their year abroad concerning financial considerations, passports and visas, availability of private accommodation, local education authority documentation, travel arrangements, and insurance. The overseas university will also send information concerning term dates, registration, and enrolment. During year 2, students have opportunities to mix socially with fourth-year students who have completed their year abroad and with current visiting students from overseas universities.

See the website for University Carlos III

See the website for University of Girona



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