Institute of Global Law

Institute of Global Law

Raymond Youngs   RAYMOND YOUNGS
Visiting Fellow
Senior Lecturer, Kingston University
LLB (Lond); LLM (Lond) (Brigid Cotter prizes)
Tel: 44 (0)171 453 1222
Email: r.youngs@kingston.ac.uk


Raymond Youngs is a full time senior lecturer at the Kingston University. He became a part time senior research fellow at the Institute of Global Law in 2001. He was formerly a senior lecturer at Southampton Institute, an associate lecturer at the University of Surrey, and a lawyer at the Law Commission of England and Wales.

His main interests are comparative law, public law and EU law.



  • Sourcebook on German Law, Cavendish 1994, ISBN 1 85941 108 8, reprinted with amendments (683 pp). Second edition published 2002 (764 pp), ISBN 1-85941-678-0.
  • English, French and German Comparative Law, Cavendish 1998, ISBN 1 85941 289 0, reprinted with amendments (466 pp). Translated into Georgian. Second edition published 2007 (667 pp), ISBN 978-1-85941-924-3.


  • International Journal of Constitutional Law (2008): Shooting down aircraft and analysing computer data
  • European Public Law (2008): G8 Protests: Controlling the right to demonstrate
  • Kings College Law Journal (2004): Human rights in the housing sphere
  • Anglo-American Law Review (2000) - Constitutional Limitations on the Freedom of Contract: What can the Germans teach us?
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  • Journal of Criminal Law (2000) - Opening up Pandora's Box - Mistake of Law in Germany
  • Oxford Journal of Legal Studies (2000) - Cold Neutrality? A Comparison of the Standards of the House of Lords with those of the German Federal Constitutional Court
  • Public Law (1996) - Freedom of Speech and the Protection of Democracy: the German Approach
  • Ausbildung, Prüfung, Fortbildung (German journal) - Die Verfassungsrechtslage in England (September and November 1995)


  • Translations of German cases, amendments to German Civil Code and French notes on cases for the Institute of Global Law and/or the Institute of Transnational Law at the University of Texas
  • Translations of German cases in Tortious Liability of Statutory Bodies by Sir Basil Markesinis, J-B Auby, D Coester-Waltjen and S F Deakin, Hart Publishing (1999)
  • Translations of German cases in The German Law of Tort by Sir Basil Markesinis and H Unberath, Hart Publishing (4th edition 2002)
  • Translations of German cases in The German Law of Contract by Sir Basil Markesinis, H Unberath and A Johnston, Hart Publishing (2006)


Current research projects include tortious liability for detainees, the creation of preliminary contracts and problems associated with vague crimes.

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