Institute of Global Law

Institute of Global Law

Visiting Professor

Dr. jur. (University of Ghent, 1952); Licentiaat Economische Wetenschappen (University of Ghent, 1955); Geaggregeerde Hoger Onderwijs Rechten – Agrégé Enseignement Supérieur (University of Ghent, 1961); Post-Graduate Studies in Law (Université de Paris, 1953 and London School of Economics, 1955)

Admitted to Ghent Bar in 1952

Present position: Professor Emeritus; Barrister

Professional Experience

  • Professor at Law Faculty of the University of Ghent teaching, inter alia, European law, civil procedural law, comparative law, jurimetrics, maritime law and contract law (1952-1995);
  • Visiting Professor and Chair in Belgian Law, University of London, Queen Mary College (1985-1986);
  • Chair of the Vlaamse Leergangen in Louvain (1986-1987);
  • Cleveringa-Chair in Leiden (1987-1988); Francqui-Chair in Brussels (V.U.B., 1988/1989);
  • Vice-President, Belgian Centre for the Practice of National and International Arbitration (1975-);
  • Director, Institute for National and International Arbitration (1987-);
  • Director, Belgian Quarterly Review Tijdschrift voor Privaatrecht; Co-editor, Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Arbitrage;
  • Editor, Procedural Reporter; Editor European Private Law Review (1993-);
  • Visiting Professor in, inter alia, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, China, England, Holland, Rumania, Portugal, Greece, Zaire, Burundi, Rwanda, Japan, Indonesia, Norway, Brazil, U.S.A., Finland, Spain, Japan;
  • Honorary Professor of the China University at Beijing (1988);
  • Doctor honoris causa University M. Curie Lublin (1995);
  • Expert World Bank (Argentina 1994; Ecuador 1995);
  • Judge ad hoc European Court Strasbourg (1991 and 1997);
  • Chairman of the commission that prepared a draft Harmonization of Procedural Law in the European Union (1987-1993)

Areas of Specialization
Contract and tort, international business law, maritime law, European law, procedural law, economic law, arbitration, mediation, IT-contracts, building contracts

Professional Associations

  • Royal Belgian Academy of Sciences (Member 1982; President 1997);
  • International Association of Procedural Law (Secretary-General 1983-1995; President 1995-);
  • Belgian-Dutch Association for Comparative Law (Secretary-General 1975-1988; President 1988-);
  • Academia Europaea (1988-);
  • President Flemish Lawyers’ Association (1983-1998)

Panels of Arbitrators

  • CEPINA (Belgian Centre for National and International Arbitration)
  • I.C.C.
  • Fora Ghent
  • Euro-Arab Chambers of Commerce
  • LCA
  • Vienna and Stockholm
  • NAI

Arbitration Experience
35 years of experience mostly as chairman of international arbitral tribunals, appointed by the I.C.C. and other international arbitration centres, sometimes as sole arbitrator or party-appointed arbitrator

Books on, inter alia, the burden of proof, civil procedural law in Belgium, European law and European civil procedural law, general principles of the law, case law, international commercial arbitration in Belgium, and jurimetrics

Articles in periodicals in Belgium and abroad on, inter alia, civil procedural law, European law, arbitration law, and international contracts

Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian

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