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Visiting Professor

Philippe Jestaz, born in 1936, is a Professor at Paris XII University and a member of l'Institut universitaire de France. He is also editor of the Revue trimestrielle de droit civil. In 1984, he was one of the members of the Concours d'agrégation jury.

Professor Jestaz’ teaching experience covers all subjects dealing with non-commercial relationships between individuals, which in France form the droit civil (i.e. family law, contract law, tort law, the law of securities, inheritance law, and the law of matrimonial property). He also teaches jurisprudence and tax law.

Professor Jestaz has authored between 200 and 300 papers on various subjects, mainly in the following areas: Contract law (especially building contract law), the law of securities, the law of obligations, jurisprudence, sports law, and legal history.

Besides his thesis on the concept of urgency (published in 1968), he has produced new editions of Marty & Raynaud’s two-volume treatise: Les sûretés - la publicité foncière (on formalities of securities and estate registration, published in 1987) and Le régime de l'obligation (on the enforcement, modalities, transfer and extinction of obligations, published in 1989).

He has also published Le Droit (4th updated edition since 1991) and co-authored with Ph. Malinvaud a book on building contracts and companies, Le droit de la promotion immobilière (6th updated edition since 1976).

Professor Jestaz is currently completing with Ch. Jamin La doctrine, a book on the work of academics and, in a broader sense, the entity of learned legal authors.

Articles and Review
For 11 years (1972-1982), Professor Jestaz was in charge of legislative reviews for the Revue trimestrielle de droit civil and for a further 6 years of reviews in land law. He has written numerous articles, conference and book reviews, as well as forewords to monographies.

Research work
- Numerous visits to universities outside France, e.g., in Canada, Switzerland, Tuniasia, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Louisiana and Japan.
- Intense promotion of research activities through the Revue trimestrielle de droit civil and other organizations as well as through colloquiums.
- Training of candidates for the Concours d'agrégation (over 25 successful candidates amongst the trained candidates).

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